Surgeries on Hold at Poteau Hospital after State Inspection

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The surgical and obstetrical departments at the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center are taking a hit after a state-mandated shutdown, this according to published reports.

EOMC Medical Director B. Don Schumpert says the shutdown was enabled after a visit from the Oklahoma State Health Department.

“Due to structural, mechanical and operational issues with the surgery department that was discovered during an Oklahoma State Health Department survey, EOMC has temporarily suspended operation of the surgical department,” said Schumpert. “Unfortunately this also temporarily affects the obstetrical department in that, without surgical services, obstetric service cannot be offered.”

According to published reports, Schumpert said the hospital administration is taking action to correct the issues and the hospital is making sure affected patients find alternative treatment.

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  • f@#knarkansas

    well tax dollars shouldn’t foot the bill. too many private institutions getting tax money and then charging for their services.. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS needs to get off of the state titty too. all of them state vehicles driving around, that isn’t a public school.. they charge so much tuition to go there then they can afford to buy their own vehicles.. if they took a pay cut they wouldn’t need corporate welfare.

  • shanna

    I’m so upset by this. Now I have no idea who is going to deliver my baby and I have to go to a hospital I didn’t want to go to in the first place. This Is Beyond ridiculous.

  • lori lovell

    do not deliver your baby there…the doctor who delivered my grandson caused him severe damage and he died from it…that hospital is a quack hospital…

  • BR

    There is great need for independent community hospitals across the US. They are vanishing as rapidly as the family farm. I hope EOMC can correct deficiencies quickly.

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