5NEWS Fit: Chest and Back Workout for Golfers

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Brandon Morrison, a local physique specialist, offers a unique chest and back workout that's perfect for golfers.

"I just became a golf fitness specialist, and as far as I know I'm the only one in Ft. Smith. These are a lot of the exercises I'll be doing with those folk - golfers, tennis players, people of that nature," Morrison said just before demonstrating each exercise.

First, we used a foam roller to remove soreness from our muscles.

Then, a variety of stretches were done before the workout began.

The fitness regimen began with dumbbell bench presses, then went right into planks on a stability ball.

From there, Morrison showed us the reverse grip row, coupled with the one arm row.

He uses resistance bands for some of the exercises, which are more affordable than dumbbells.

Next, Morrison threw in some walkout pushups to work a large portion of the upper body.

We did some dumbbell presses on the stability ball and ended with dumbbell rows, also on the stability ball.

Morrison encourages all beginners to get with a trained specialist before hitting the gym.