Arkansas House Votes Down ‘Private Option’ Again

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Photo courtesy of affiliate station KTHV - Channel 11.

The Arkansas House of Representatives has voted down the so-called ‘privation option’ medicaid expansion compromise again today, according to Rep. Justin Harris (R- West Fork). 

Harris said 68 representatives voted for it, while 27 voted against it. 

The ‘private option’ faced similar results yesterday when it was voted down in the Arkansas House of Representatives. 




  • Sarah 1

    Didn’t the House members read about the KOCH brothers allowing poor old Arkansas one year of health care for her poorest citizens?

    VOTE the bums out of office.

    • Fred

      I agree with you 100percent and just as a reminder to other folk, there is an election this coming November.. Check who voted and who your representative is. And vote!

  • Richard

    The Republicans in Arkansas don’t care for the poor. Give them the hope of medical care then take it away from them. What a good Christian thing to do! Maybe all of us poor folks will die and the big shots can continue their wine and dine on the taxpayer expense. Sounds like the do nothing congress in Washington!

    • txkreddog

      The “poor” in Arkansas need to take care of their own needs and stop relying on the government to take from those who earn and give it to those who do not. I take care of health insurance for myself and my family, I cannot afford, nor do I want to, take care of anyone else’s. Far too many “disabled” and poor are feeding at the public trough, and it needs to end.

    • AGT C

      Might wanna do some research on what party is poor and what party isn’t.I researched wealthy democrats and they outnumber Republicans the research said that 75% of White House Democrats are rich while only 25% of Republicans are rich.Look it up for yourself if you think Im lying.

  • Teresa Gregoire

    How many have lost insurance….or do you poor folks think your entitled and those who have been hurt deserve it be hurt, .

    • Sarah 1

      On its face, this claim ‘more insurance canceled’ is wrong because the law included a significant expansion of Medicaid, which in just two months has added as many as 3.9 million people to its roll. There is an inaccurate assumption that everyone whose plan did not meet Affordable Care Act standards but who did not sign up for a plan via the exchanges has been left without coverage.
      In reality, many people who received notices that their plans were canceled were told they would be automatically enrolled into another plan by the same insurance company. (Here’s an example of such a letter, courtesy of our colleagues at PolitiFact.)
      In other words, the person’s health plan was “canceled” but the person was not left “without coverage.”  There likely was a seamless transition from one plan to the other, though the premiums might have increased because the ACA requires all plans to have the same basic level of benefits.

      Every President whether Republican or Democrat since 1901 to 2007 has tried to reform and gain health care for all US citizens but only President Obama was successful.

      • AGT C

        How is he successful when millions have been kicked off insurance plans and millions more saw premiums skyrocket?You my dear live in Obama fairy tale world.

  • Sarah 1

    You would have to prove that AGT C. No one is turned away. Not even if you are dying of cancer and have three days to live.

    And who told them such a thing? Specify please?

  • Charles Carter

    The biggest problem in this state is ignorance. How do you know something doesn’t work if YOU haven’t tried. Do many of you seriously want to kick 100,000 people off the health care they finally have? That includes children, senior citizens and a lot of people who really can’t afford health care even though they are employed! Some of you need to have your doctor check and see if you even have a heart.

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