Arkansas Senate Passes ‘Private Option,’ House Fails For A Third Time

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Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Senate.

The Arkansas House voted down a medicaid expansion compromise known as the “private option” today, according to a tweet from the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The final tally was 72 to 25. The House of Representatives was three votes short of passing the measure.

In contrast, the Arkansas Senate passed the “private option” with a final tally of 27 to 8, according to one of their tweets.

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  • CQ

    How can people be against providing adequate healthcare to other people? How do you even sleep at night, knowing you voted against this?

    Pass it, for the good of our state!

  • John Doe

    It’s very simple to vote against this. We ,working Arkansans. are tired of people abusing the system. The system was set up to help the ones who actually need heathcare and not the ones who are just to lazy and don’t want to work. If people would quit abusing the system then we wouldn’t have to expand anything. I am all about helping people who need it but our society now days is just lazy and everyone thinks someone owes them something.

  • Donna

    You people against this expansion really have your heads up your fannies. Explore the program and not just swallow the “talking points” of the opposition. Do you realize that if the state doesn’t accept this money, it will still be spent, only in other states. Is it not better to cover people and pay for a wide variety of medical services to folks, instead of just ending up paying uninsured patients emergency care at inflated costs? Your “just say no” stance is against the state’s best interests – but the South is know for voting that way. Wake up – no wonder other countries laugh at us. Just what is in the water down here?

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