Police, K-9 Units Search Campus After Bomb Threat

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Bentonville police patrolled the high school Thursday and Friday (Feb. 21) after a bomb threat was found Thursday afternoon in one of the bathrooms. The bomb squad's K-9 units were also brought in.

"This morning I didn't give it too much thought because I saw they were going to be cleaning, sweeping the school overnight, making sure everything was safe for the kids," said Veeliscia Hornsby, Bentonville mom.

The threat was found on a bathroom wall in the school's south building around 3:30 p.m. (Feb. 20), said Mary Ley, district spokeswoman. The threat states it would happen at the school on Friday, Ley said.

"Kind of a little shocking, although you kind of think that if they really wanted to do damage, they wouldn't have written it down," said Darla Burgener, Bentonville parent.

Parents were notified electronically about the bomb threat. Bentonville police asked staff to again review their rooms Friday.

"I believe they did a good job of making sure the parents were aware as well as their students," Hornsby said.

Bentonville Superintendent Michael Poore said they plan to check surveillance cameras to try to track down the person responsible.

"They'll be pretty serious consequences if we found him because this is disrupting the academic learning environment and take that seriously," Poore said.

The student could be suspended, expelled or face criminal charges.


  • CF

    Never is…..just gives the bomb squad some thing to do every time someone writes on the bathroom wall.

    I liked the time they found a burrito they thought was a bomb. lol

  • Anon

    Linda, try reading the comments. No one said this was awesome or funny. These are taken very seriously so chill out

  • Wesley

    Anon, she did read the comments, they were obviously making light of a very serious and potentially life shattering circumstance. What Linda didn’t know was that these insensitive comments were probably made by Junior Highers who have little respect for law enforcement or the lives of others. Shouldn’t you be in school?.

  • Julie

    Apparently a lot of parents didn’t even allow their children to go to school today. I understand that they’re worried about possibly loosing their child but with that mind set, parents might as well just keep their children always at home undrer 24/7 survelliance. Anything bad can happen at any time. The fact that it was written on a bathroom stall means that someone was trying to create havoc and doesn’t understand the consequences at hand. Honestly, I think parents are being way too overreactive about all this. If the school thought there was a true CREDIBLE threat, they wouldn’t have allowed students back on campus.

  • TNT

    There is another option here…It’s perfectly fine to home school your own children, plus keep them away from all the pitfalls of public schools such as bulling, drugs, not being taught properly, etc…Oh yeah, and bomb threats.

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