Sallisaw Schools Coping With Student’s Death

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Sallisaw Schools’ Superintendent Scott Farmer says teachers are planning to address students Thursday (Feb. 20) after an 8th grade boy committed suicide late Wednesday night (Feb. 19).

“Our most heartfelt sympathies are extended to the family during this difficult time of loss,” Farmer said. “We have support systems available and grief counselors on site to assist students and staff as we all cope with this unexpected and tragic loss.”

Authorities confirmed that the boy committed suicide, but are not releasing the details of his death. His name is also being withheld because he is a minor, according to authorities.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, please call 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is answered by local Oklahomans.

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  • NotBullying

    Do you realize the harm and disgrace that you are inflicting on this child’s family (and the peers of the student) when you start making false accusations and assumptions? I understand the hurt and emotions associated with a loss like this, but the correct response is not to point an assuming finger of accusation. I personally know that the faculty of Sallisaw Schools do a great job handling student affairs. The staff at the middle school genuinely care about their students, and as I have said, this is not a case of bullying. He was a great student who is very loved by peers and faculty. Thank you for your concerns and awareness of bullying, and your desire to stop it. It is a real issue that students face today, but I can assure you that this was not a “bullying case.” Our sympathy extends to the family of this student.

  • CAE

    Is it our job as teachers, parents, mentors, or concerned citizens to create healthy, strong children (mentally and physically). We cannot continue to foster the idea that bullying is new or any law passed will stop it. We must teach our children how to handle adversity in any form in which it is presented.

  • vb

    I can also say the school system needs to be fixed i was bullied when i was in school and i had told teachers and everyone but nothing was done i continued to be bullied all thru middle school and high school never did i have friends either because all of the fellow class mates were the ones doing it.

  • Just some kid.

    Guys, please stop trying to point the finger and blame whoever you want. Most, if not all of you don’t know what was going on with him. I don’t either, but I can tell you that children in America go through a lot and usually feel like they need to deal with it on their own. We feel lost, alone, hopeless.
    I’m not saying that all of us feel that way, but from what I’ve been told by the kids that I’ve helped cope with depression, tragedy, and even suicidal thoughts, feelings, and actions, coupled with knowing firsthand how it feels to go through those dark times.
    I’ve wanted to kill myself, not because of the school, bullying, or even family problems. Personally, my suicidal tendencies were almost always triggered by stress piling up on a thousand other things that I usually kept inside.
    To me, to if someone really thinks to suicide, its as a release from whatever pain they have that is intense enough to drive them to this last resort. When I was driven to that point the first time, it made me see suicide in a new light. To me it was like sitting in a dark room all of your life, where the only sound is the deafening, high-pitch, static buzz of an old tv, then finally, one day, you turn off that tv. The constant annoyance built up from hesring the tv is gone and replaced nothing. I see suicide as a release.
    I don’t know why he did it, and i bet you don’t either. So, instead of trying to spread anger and hate towards some unknown source, lets respect this child for the strength he had while we help his family and friends cope with this disaster. Let’s do something other than praying for someone else to.

    Much love,

  • understanding

    As family of the child please feel free to pay your respects to my family, preventing this for future families is the goal. It was not the act of bullying. We want someone to blame as much as anyone but sallisaw school is not responsible for this.

    • Cappuccina Dority

      If there is anything we can do to help or further your efforts in preventing this in the future (per your post), please let us know! We are a proactive family that believes in community and would like to help any way we can.

    • pamela gentry

      May God be with you all in this time of loss and grief. Know that young man has faced his demons and angels have taken him under their wings and hes learning how to fly. he will be with you always and never leave you <3

  • Cappuccina Dority

    My daughter was friends with him and had him in a few of her classes. She said the school counselor came in and addressed her class today stating that this was not the result of bullying, but depression was most likely the culprit. Our hearts and thoughts are with the family, friends, teachers and those who responded to the EMS call. My daughter said this is absolutely surreal and the students can’t comprehend it yet. Teachers were crying, students were crumbling in classrooms and in the hallways.
    As a parent of four children, I could NOT imagine the pain these parents are going through. I am overwhelmed with sadness and heartache for them.

  • Dana Michelle Sutton

    Hey everyone it doesn’t matter why it happened just leave it alone. We are here for to support the family and show sympathy. Don’t bash each other please it makes matter worse for the family trust me I lost a child and it made it worse on me with people doing all the bad talking like this.

  • Aprils

    Sometimes bullying is overlooked because of the kids that are doing the bullying and the place their parents have in the community. Very sad, my son is taking this hard and I wish I could take the pau for him.

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