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Private Option Fails In State House For Fourth Time

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For the fourth time in a row, the Arkansas House of Representatives has failed to pass a medicaid expansion known as the “private option,” according to a tweet from the Arkansas House on Friday (Feb.21).

The final tally for the vote was 71 to 18.

The private option needed 75 votes to pass.

An identical version of the House measure passed in the state Senate on Feb. 20.


  • Sarah 1

    Oh it will pass. If it doesn’t, there will be a ninety-three million dollar deficit in the Arkansas state budget. Can you imagine property and license plates increasing enough to pay for an education deficit?

    The deficit won’t come from Wal-Mart and Tyson’s, it will come from your back pocket sweetheart. Once again the lobbyists win….

  • Thin

    Who do you think is paying for this? Do you realy think the federal govt can pay for this? The most rediclous argument is that we need to take what we can get from the Feds. That’s us!

  • txkreddog

    Let’s contact our legislators and encourage them to oppose this welfare giveaway. If they are seriously concerned about the poor, stop giving taxpayer money to the teachers to offset their insurance increase, and dedicate those funds towards Medicaid. Any legislator voting for this should be ousted at the earliest opportunity.

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