Greenwood Teacher Accused Of Biting Student Turns Himself In

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A Greenwood teacher was arrested Friday on suspicion of harassment, after resigning from the school district earlier this week.

An arrest warrant states Greenwood Junior High teacher Gilberto Huerta, 52, bit a female student's ear during class late last year and told her, "I'm going to eat you." When the teacher walked back to his desk, he allegedly said, "Next time, I'm going to put salsa on it."

Huerta turned himself in to authorities Friday after a warrant was issued for his arrest by Judge Michael Wagoner in Greenwood District Court.

Huerta, a Spanish teacher, resigned Wednesday amid a police investigation, although Greenwood School District administrators said at the time they could not comment on the resignation or investigation.

The alleged victim told police the incident happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. The girl said two other students sitting at her table witnessed the situation, according to the warrant.

Huerta released a statement through his attorney Friday, in which he "categorically (denies) that I have harassed any student or students---nor have I acted inappropriately in any manner whatsoever, including the allegation that I bit a student."

The teacher said in the statement he resigned from the school district amid pressure, as "I was worried about my family and the embarrassment these allegations would cause. I was led to believe that my resignation would mean the end of this situation. Apparently it is only the beginning."

Addressing the allegation against him, Huerta said in the statement, "I teach Spanish, and as a teacher, we are instructed to use demonstrative examples to help clarify the differences in language. That is what I did. Again, in no way did I act inappropriately."

The girl said another incident a few weeks ago made her feel uncomfortable. Huerta was teaching the word "under" to the class and crawled under her table, also occupied by two other female students. When the teacher emerged, he allegedly said, "Don't worry, I kept my eyes closed the entire time."

Huerta was a junior high Spanish teacher for the school for the past four years, according to school officials.

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  • His former student

    Kids, even in my class would always plan things to try to get him fired. I hope you are all happy ruining his life.

  • Anonymous

    Why complain about that incident last year now? Lies. Mr. Huerta is such a great guy. That does not sound like him at all.

      • Anonymous

        I know it was 2 months ago, which is “last year” I didn’t say, why complain one year later. If this really happened, she should have gone and complained right after it happened, not 2 months later. If someone but my ear I would have immediately gone to the office.

  • CBF

    Very creepy if he did do it? But why just quit if he’s innocent? He gave up too easy which makes him look guilty. I think he hopes it will go away quick.

    Hopefully the truth will be heard soon.

    • Anonymous

      If you didn’f know him personally or didn’t have him in class you shouldn’t say anything bad about him. I was in his class years ago and he was a good teacher. It’s crazy that people actually believe he would do something like this.

  • AW

    Resigning and later being proven innocent is much better looking than being fired and then found innocent. It’s the possibility of being hire able again or not.

  • Something is not right here

    Now if this happened back in November or December why did she not complain at the time? Nothing was heard of at all until now that last week she felt uncomfortable again, and then again she waited to complain for that. It doesn’t make sense that she kept her mouth shut about that for two months until bringing it up again. Would any of you wait two months to speak up if someone bit your ear and said something like that to you? I definitely wouldn’t have! It would have put in a complain as soon as I could. It’s just so absurd, this story is not believable at all… Well maybe to an idiot it would be

  • Former Student

    Nice job girls on ruining a man’s life forever, with alleged lies. Senor Huerta is a great guy&should not be treated this way with false readings by young teenagers who have nothing better to do than feed off of drama. Keep your head held high&keep strong Senor Huerta.

  • danny

    He’s probably guilty. Just knowing someone, or having been in their class isn’t enough to exonerate these perverts. Perv’s always know who to victimize. The other taxfeeders tried to protect, but couldn’t, so I would say their is an 80% chance this taxfeeding perv is guilty.

  • Former student

    This doesn’t sound like him. Even when he would pat someone on the back, head or shoulder he would say “I’m not touching you inappropriately don’t take it that way please”!

  • Anonymous

    I pray that God reaches out to the ‘victim’ and her family and Gilbert as well. Knowing Gilbert previous to this, of course I stand for him. But I do pray that the ‘victim’ understands what happens when she exaggerates and I hope she expects to take responsibility for anything coming her way. I sense poor parenting and not enough attention to the student for her to make up lies. Bless her soul and prayers to Gilbert and his family.

  • Agnes Hunt

    Whatever happened to “innocent until PROVEN guilty?” My heart goes out to him, and if proven innocent, I hope the accuser is held accountable for her accusations.

    • bob

      Ha good luck with that now days with Mercia’s f**ked up justice system its guilty until PROVEN innocent . Or guilty until you can afford to PROVE your innocent

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t there when he supposedly bit her ear, but when he climbed under the table, he was showing us how to say “under neath the table”. He did this along with all the other ones. Beside, on top of, outside of, and many more. He climbed under the table every class period. However, the day he bit her ear, she told me that he did this and said that she wasn’t going to say anything unless he did something else that she felt was wrong. I agree she should’ve said something about it, but this was taken way too far!

  • Rachael

    Gilberto would never do some thing like that I took his class he never ever did any thing that would be consider inappropriate. And if this i girl waited to report him I think that it is just a girl that did not get her way . I hope this girl knows she caused him his job and she ruined his life just be cause she wanted attention. Praying for you Senor Huerta.

  • Parent

    Great Christian man. He would never do this! Oh wait, they have video evidence (confirmed from higher sources) & oh wait…it’s not good Christians ever participate in this type of activity.. Minus the thousands of catholic priest sexual abuse cases.. LOL. Disgusting.

  • michaiah

    He is or was my teacher this year. I know him and the girl. He might come off as a pervert but he always apologized for it. He would never do that.

    • danny

      Pervs and abusers always apologize for their behavior because they try to hide it as much as possible, but there is always a slip. Their true nature always comes out. They always resign too. Innocence stands its ground, while guilt attempts to flee.

      What kind of man says to a girl, or woman “I’m going to eat you”. We all know how that can be taken, correct? Sometimes with slang, there can be a generation gap, but this one has been around for some time now.

      If he comes across as a perv, then he is one.

  • Anonymous

    I bet you if I had something nice to say about him, they wouldn’t have put it on the news. Well of course not, they are trying to make it look bad and put in those people at the end who don’t even know the guy.

  • john

    This is all lies. He didn’t do it like the girls are saying.

    These things can blow up and get out of control.

    Telling lies to cover lies.

    So sad.

  • Annon

    Theres no video cameras at Greenwood in the classrooms except for the ISS rooms, so that’s bogus. Every student that goes there knows that. Same with on the buses. Being a student there, your guilty if one person says your guilty even when a thousand say your innocent. They like a story, just like 5 news and every other news source.

  • Justin Cox

    I don’t know the man. But I can’t understand why so many of you that are defending him are refusing to post your name unless you are afraid that he may be guilty.

  • Former Student

    Yes the Spanish teachers at Greenwood high school are suppose to demonstrate the words but that is not a predator or sexual harassment you people who want to make allegations need to get over your selfs. It seems really fishy that the girl&her lil friends waited almost three months to say something if they were so uncomfortable with being around him why didnt they act upon the incident right after it happen something is suspicious bout that but now because of ridiculous parents&the media he’s gonna be trashed. You can do this Senor Huerta keep your pride&keep strong. Your the best.

  • Concerned

    Why didn’t he crawl under a boy’s table or an empty table. There seems to me other ways to show under-rather than crawling under a table full of girls! And why apologize constantly if you’re not doing anything wrong?? Just things to think about?!?!!

    • Anonymous

      He crawls under the table every year, he did that in my class years ago. There were both girls and guys at that table. It’s different every time, maybe sometimes it’s a table full of guys, all girls, or mixed. He didn’t mean it in the way the girls are saying since he’s done this multiple times and he asks if it is ok before. If he were to be told by a student that they felt uncomfortable he wouldn’t have done it.

  • Mary

    Now I’m not saying he is guilty or innocent but didn’t a lot of ppl say the same thing about the Lavaca boy a few years ago ? That teacher was found guilty. Now didn’t several thousand ppl say the same thing about Jerry Sandusky & the first young man to speak up against him. Just saying.m

  • AGT C

    If this happened like she said then wouldn’t the bite mark have been proof?Why did her parent’s not notice a bite mark or take a picture of the bite?I feel the comment that the girl’s used about next time” I am gonna put salsa on it “was kinda a slam to his race.I do not like people that go around using the race card but this might actually be racism.JMO.

  • ...###...

    The investigation has been ongoing for a while and he resigned during the investigation… The girl didn’t wait 4 months to say something… She said something about it soon after and things like that takes time going through legals and what not.. And to the person saying that if you didn’t know him don’t comment… You must still be in school and have no children… You must not understand exactly what’s happening here.. Yea there’s a possibility he is innocent but there is also that possibility that he is guilty..and it’s better that he is away from the children if he is guilty before something worse happens.. I feel safer with my family being in that school with any and all dangers removed.. I have a young sibling in the school who has gone home and changed because teachers look down her shirt… I went to Greenwood 10 years ago and I had the same problem.. safety for the children first… He can find a new job, kids don’t forget being sexually harassed… What’s high on your totem pole?

    • BulldogMom

      Well said!! Just because he was nice to you in class, or never did anything that YOU saw, does NOT mean he isn’t capable of doing these things.

      I know this young lady VERY well. It did happen awhile back, and the parents did complain at the time – so yeah, WE are just now hearing about it in news.

      I think this “teacher” was flirting on the edge of being past inappropriate. And I think he darned well knew it – that’s why he did things that he could pass off as innocent should a complaint ever be filed.

      My son had him last year – told me then he was creepy. And since this news broke, I have had many many Greenwood students tell me how uncomfortable they were and how unfair he treated the boys some times.

      No one is trying to “ruin” this guy. That’s ridiculous. I sure hope no one who’s jumping to his defense, ever has anything happen to them – because I promise this is why women do not report crimes, for fear of ridicule.

      Let the police do their jobs. It’ll all come out in the end.

  • John Heavner

    I don’t know whether this man is guilty or not, but I do know that Arkansas has investigative procedures in place to safeguard those that are unjustly accused of wrongdoing against children. These days, it is all too easy to halt a male teacher’s career with merely an accusation; sadly, those that serve Arkansas’ young people (especially men) have to *constantly* be situationally aware.

    I have taught in Arkansas schools for many years, and plan to retire as soon as I can. It has become an increasingly risk-laden career for men.

  • danny

    As someone who has investigated allegations of physical and sexual abuse, If some of what is said about this teacher is true, then it raises many red flags, which those investigating this situation could not ignore.

    These pervs always know who to target for their sicko games. They always leave certain kids alone and go after those who are vulnerable in some way. Whether it is the attention getters, loose girls, kids with single parents, kids on drugs, or those who are neglected at home. If kids fit into this catergory, it doesn’t make them liars.

    These pervs are always well liked by the majority of those around them, because they know how to play the game better than we, since they are devious by nature.

    Crawling under girls no matter what you are teaching is always a bad idea, whether you asked permission or not. Find something else to crawl under, or remove people from the object prior to going underneath going over your example. How ignorant is this guy? Don’t they do sexual harassment seminars for those to ignorant to think a situation over? Or is this just the sorry state of low standards of public education systems?

    Touching women, at school, or in the workplace is never a good idea, unless they are in need of emergency assistance, then keep your hands to yourself gentlement, just in case you didn’t know it already.

  • kim green

    i give channel 5 news permission to call me so that i can give them permission to review the complaint that i filed on Mr. Huerta two years ago, when he more or less was bullying, belitting and harrassing my son during a time when his father had just passed away!!!!! how about that?

  • kim green

    Greenwood Schools had a heads up on this man two years ago. My husband passed away unexpectidly and during that time this man harrassed my son, he belittled and , bullied him. When i went to the school to complain the assistant principal apparently talked with Mr Huerta. Mr. Huerta punished my son by making him move to the back of the class and wouldnt allow him to participate in the classroom activities.
    It was very difficult for me to deal with the situation accurately because i was in such a state of intense grief still with my husband. SOOOO you see this man has been allowed to influence and do other things that apparently the school may or may not know about…..

      • Anonymous

        No offense, but your son may not have been telling you the whole story. I’ve gone to school long enough with your son to know he can be very sí respectful and a handful at times

      • Anonymous

        And I am not trying to be mean really, I used to talk to your son back in middle school and I liked him. Never thought anything bad about him but yes, I know he can be disrespectful in class.

    • Anonymous

      And there is gotta be a reason if Mr. Huerta was really like that. Hmmm… Why would he just be mean for no apparent reason?

  • Jeff Yeager

    We really do need to stop the children eaters in this community. How many kids has he eaten already? How many lives did we save with his resignation!

  • I bet he's a pervert

    He looks like a pervert, acts like a pervert, he’s probably a pervert! It’s very weird that he goes under students desks/tables. If I heard a teacher was doing that in my child’s class I would be at that school raising hell!! It makes me sick that people are standing up for him.

  • knows better

    he was my teacher threw jr high and high school i dont belive he would ever do such i thing i can atest from experiance of my own and my little sisters that he was a great guy and would help any way possible. and that a majority of people that whent threw that school were not afraid to completely ruin lives just for a little attention. its sicking that people would attack a man like that.

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