Benton County Man Killed After Cement Truck Flips Over, Hits Tree

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A Gentry man was killed Friday when the cement truck he was driving flipped over and hit a tree in Delaware County, Okla., according to a fatal crash report.

Wade Wesley Wilson, 41, was driving a 1997 Mack cement truck on Oklahoma Highway 10, south of Kansas, when the vehicle crossed the road’s center line, rolled over and struck a tree, the crash report states.

Wilson was pinned in the vehicle for 39 minutes and had to be extracted by Flint Ridge firefighters with the Jaws of Life. He suffered massive internal and head injuries, according to state police.

Wilson was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash, the report states. The weather was clear and dry.


  • hi

    Ignorance kills (seatbelts, helmets, children having children, sports over academics ; 48th in US education, grammer)

  • Teri

    So what makes u think ignorance was to blame here? You don’t know what was going on inside that truck or if a animal ran out in front (a area for lots of deer) this man has children who are devastated beyond belief over this and yet you leave rude comments as such …. u should be ashamed and simply pray for his family!

      • Cheryl

        I can speak on this with first hand knowledge. It is wrong of you to say he was ignorant. My father was killed in an accident. HE WAS WEARING HIS SEAT-BELT!! The truck that hit him, none of them were wearing seat-belts and they all lived.

  • hi

    That’s the whole problem with nwa. Everyone wants to only pray and not use the God given ability to think critically in order to learn.

    While I have compassion for the family, I must also take into account all the other families who will face tradgedy because everyone hushed up the obvious. While well meaning you, my dear, are part of the problem.

    • Mark Smith

      Cheryl, sorry for your loss. My comments were based on his NOT wearing his seat belt as reported above. Ignorance and not wearing seat belts is why my comments were based on and are accurate if this is the case. As tragic and overwhelming this must be for your family please take some solace in knowing that perhaps another family may be spared this sort of loss because they examine the points outlined above. This might be one gift your father was able give the world even if he was wearing his seatbelt and the news story got it wrong. WEAR SEATBELTS -IT SAVES LIVES AND TRAGEDY LOVED ONES FACE OUT OF AN IGNORANTBACT.

  • Penny

    This is my Brother who was killed in this accident, we are devastated by this. My Brother always wore his seat belt and no one knows the circumstances he was in at the time of this accident. Maybe he was still alive when the truck stopped rolling, maybe he unbuckled the seat belt to try and get out, then is when was pinned… We cannot criticize his not having a seat belt on not knowing for sure what happened… This is so tragic and his 4 kids, fiancé and Mom are grieving terribly along with me. I would just appreciate any negative thoughts be kept to yourself and let us process this as it’s still hard to believe it’s real. Thank you for thoughts n prayers.

  • Shawli

    Have some comm ok n curtsey. His family is reading this report. P.s. meaning me. Yes he made a mistake but have some compassion for his family

  • sarah

    Just because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt doesn’t make him ignorant. Wearing a seatbelt doesn’t always save your life.

  • jenna

    I am so sorry for the loss. and as far as the comments i am shocked.and apaulled wow seat belt or not.this man was someones father freind brother son husband boyrfreind something show some.compassion an entire family was left to ask why so with that being.said i will pray for the family and hope that god gives them the peace they need and i will pray for each one of u who judge because it isnt our place to do that let ur words heal and not hurt

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