Social Experiment: Would You Help a Shivering Child?

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Courtesy: YouTube

A Norwegian ad, with the goal of helping children in need, is going viral.

A hidden camera was set up by SOS Children’s Villages Norway, and several hours it captured how strangers reacted to sitting next to a boy at bus stop who is without a coat.

AdWeek reports that SOS rep Synne Rønning said that, “only three of the 25 or so people who shared the bus stop with him didn’t try to help.”

As of this morning (Feb. 21),  it has more than 800, 000 views.

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  • Daniel Duncan

    yes i would help in a heart beat but beware people there is a theft scam going around to,thieves are putting children out like this so that when you stop to help them they come out of nowhere and rob you of everything so be cautious and call your local law enforcement or child endangerment service before approaching a child,do it the the legal and safe way. <3

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