Bentonville Teacher On Paid Leave Pending Police Investigation

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The police investigation may soon wrap up in the case of a Bentonville middle school teacher who was suspended last week, according to the spokeswoman for the Bentonville School District.

The instructor at Ardis Ann Middle School has been on paid leave since Feb. 12 for unknown reasons. School officials would not release the teacher's name or why he was suspended.

Shortly after the teacher was suspended, spokeswoman Mary Ley revealed the instruction was under investigation by the Bentonville Police Department.

The investigation and suspension stem from unknown allegations from at least one parent, Ley said. District officials said the investigation should be complete by either this weekend or by Monday.

“It is an active investigation, and we feel like the police have done a great job there and we have done an internal investigation, and we are feeling it's solid," Ley said. "We will soon sit down with the principal and teacher."

No other information is being released by the district or by police at this time.

Ley said that a substitute continues to fill in for that teacher in question.


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