Van Buren Man Hospitalized In Shop Fire

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A Crawford County business owner is hospitalized with severe burns after a fire breaks out at his shop.

The fire was off Catcher Rd. Authorities said they got the call around 1p.m. Saturday (Feb. 22).

One man, the business owner, was injured in the fire according to Assistant Fire Chief Nick Sly with the Crawford County Rural Fire District 6.

“This is a shop building, this is his shop.  All we know is when we got on scene he had second and third degree burns and smoke inhalation,” Sly told 5NEWS.

The man was taken by ambulance to a local  hospital and at this time there is no update on his condition.

Catcher Rd. was shut down for about an hour while crews battled the flames. Sly said everything inside the shop was damaged.

“There is around a quarter million dollars worth of shop equipment inside here,” Sly said.

No other structures outside the building were burned. Firefighters said the wind was not a factor in this fire and they will know more after speaking with the owner.


  • Sheri Summers

    My friend lived next to the catch rd fire in Van Buren. There were chemicals in that shop. The EPA should have been called, but the Fire Chief just threatened the man’s son, who owns the property. My friend was also taken to the hospital. And we checked on his house after he received treatment for smoke inhalation and chemicals You can smell chemicals and smoke. It was in his front yard, backyard and barely missed catching his roof on fire. I believe the comments from the Fire Chief to my friend not calling the EPA, something is being covered up for friendship with the man living there and his son.
    Check it out yourself…we are!

  • Sheri Summers

    Yes, that is correct. But this poor business man didn’t even pay for their good service…but hats off for taken my friends hose away from him when he was trying to save his south side of his house from burning so they could help that man’s chemical filled building so no one got blown up!!! Thanks to my friends water too. Thank God he didn’t loose his home, he’s on disability only for income. Where’s the other guy’s license to run this business without paying for those Volunteer’s? Thanks for commenting back to me.

    • Natalie Davis

      Sorry, comment was to 5news. I hope your friend is OK. Everyone in a rural volunteer district should pay their yearly service fees. These fees pay for maintenance, training and equipment. I don’t know if a license is required for this business and paying rural fire fees is voluntary, until you need them. If dist 6 is anything like ours, the owner will be billed per man, truck and hour.

  • AGT C

    How is it anybodies business if this man paid his fire dues?How many of you running your mouth live off the government but think that is alright?Rude rude rude the man was hospitalized and all can do is bad mouth him.What nice people you are NOT!!!

    • Sheri

      I didn’t mean to sound nasty about the man’s loss or his health. But my friend called 911, because this man didn’t think he could because he didn’t pay for his rual fire insurance…that’s how he got burned so badly. That’s when my friend called 911, then he got out his water hose to help him keep the fire from spreading by the wind. Finally someone had to get a bulldozer and go through three yards and fences to get it contained. But the news crew didn’t tell the whole story. Just ask me, I’ll answer your questions best I can. I know the older man that was burned in the fire trying to contain it. I feel for him…its really bad when he tried so hard to put out his fire.

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