Medical Marijuana, Private Option Take Political Center Stage

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In this segment from "5NEWS Sunday Morning" on Feb. 23, 5NEWS Anchor Daren Bobb and Managing Editor Larry Henry discuss two topics that have taken center stage politically in Arkansas -- the effort to gather signatures to put two medical-marijuana initiatives on the November ballot and the General Assembly's current fight to authorize funding for the private option health plan.


  • Rhonda

    I think its better than alcohol. It helps with insomnia .authoritis. and so much more.and people arent out starting trouble.fighting they do hooked on worse drugs.even prescription drugs have worse effect with people.

  • wageslave

    the only people that want it to be illegal are law enforcement because they make money by incarcerating the entire world, and preachers because they get their rocks off looking down their noses. when I see a preacher anymore the first thing that comes to mind is; …………… CHILD MO-LESTER………………. Jesus was humble so they should stick to Jesus’ principles and mind their own business

  • Sarah 1

    Nice to see four people on this site in agreement rather than sniping and name calling.

    The Medical marijuana issue will be INITIATIVE 5 on your November ballot.

    Vote FOR.

  • Gary Young

    If it is for medical reasons, treat it like any other medicine, Doctor prescribed and pharmacy dispensed, not grown by your neighbor. If you want it for recreational purposes, say so and treat it like alcohol, wine & beer. For recreational purposes, you can grow enough for your own personal use. Read the bill for yourself before you vote for or against.

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