Neighbor Suffers Smoke Inhalation In Van Buren Shop Fire

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A Van Buren man spent several hours in Summit Medical Center after trying to save his property in a fire on Saturday (Feb22).

The fire happened on Catcher Road and Catcher Crossing around 1:00pm.

David Tucker's home is next door to the business that caught fire Saturday (Feb 22). Tucker called 911 when he saw the fire, and then began helping to put the flames out.

Minutes later, he began to feel a burning sensation in his throat and E-M-T's took him to the emergency room.

Tucker said he "went through batteries of test in there they're checking my lungs they said I had some lung respiratory problems from the inhalation."

Tucker was allowed to go home Saturday (Feb 22) night and was placed on medications for a week. He was able to save his property from extensive damage from the flames.

There is no update on the owners condition, who was also hospitalized from the fire with second and third degree burns. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.