The Rise Of Gas Prices

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Gas prices is a topic that comes up frequently, especially now with prices on the rise again.

One local residents said there is nothing he can do about the situation but fuss "if I got to go somewhere I've usually got to go and I don't really, I fuss about the prices of gas and fuss when I have to write that check."

"I haven't yet but I'm going to have to," said another resident on altering how much he travels.

With the price of gas changing rapidly residents gave their ideal amount for gas, " like everyday it seems like it's getting higher and higher and I remember when it was like $1.27. I just wish it would go back down to those days."

Another resident said " $2.50 is plenty, I would think."

Receipts from the month of February show prices changing vastly with $3.08 on  Feb 17, $3.17 on Feb 21 and $3.25 on Feb 23.  If prices continue to rise at this trend $1.27 or $2.50 may not come anytime soon.

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