Bentonville Swim Teams Looking For Another Title

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There are good teams and there are great teams. Then there is the Bentonville boys and girls swim teams.  Certified dynasties over the last decade.  The boys have won nine consecutive state titles while the girls have won nine out of ten.

"I really like it," said senior Geoff Webb.  "We call it even a dynasty.  In our state rings we get the word dynasty in there.  It's super cool, I'm glad I can do it."

The key to the success over the years hasn't been only from the seniors.  Several freshman are some of the best in the state but they look to the seniors for guidance.

"Seeing seniors it helps me to give me some faith and give me some hope," said freshman Taylor Pike.  "To know that even if you're going through a hard time in your swimming you always know you can do better because the seniors help you out."

"They've (seniors) had different freshman come in, so to be a part of the team all four years is a really cool experience," said freshman Hayden Harlow.  "It's a lot different from club.  We are all more of a team.  It's more of a team effort than an individual effort."

Even if the Tigers win state again this weekend, the team wants to be known for more than just their dominance.

"It's obviously great to win," said senior Alexa Tininenko.  "We try to keep a good attitude about it because we don't want to be boastful or proud or anything.  We just try to be humble."

"I would love to be remembered as the team that was always super tight with other competitors,"  said Webb.  " I feel like we've pretty much accomplished that."


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