Fort Smith Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Package

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The Fort Smith Bomb Squad was called to deal with a suspicious package outside the IRS Office on Old Greenwood Road on Monday, according to Cpl. Patricia Sullivan with the Fort Smith Police Department.

"We had about five bomb techs on scene," said Captain Gabriel Flanagan with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

The event happened at approximately 3:30 pm, according to the fire department.

"The police shut down the roads next to it," said Flanagan. "We evacuated the people out of the buildings that were close to it and used our X-ray."

No one was in trouble. It was just a water bottle with what appeared to be wires in it, inside a manila envelope, according to the fire department.

The initially-suspicious device was detonated, for safety, but it was confirmed to not be a bomb or explosive device, according to the Fort Smith Fire Department.

"We used a water shot of one of our pan rounds off the robot," said Flanagan. "It actually just shoots water at it, at a pretty high velocity."

The Fort Smith Bomb Squad has responded to about eight calls in 2014, squad members said.

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