Bicyclist Hit By Car, Runs From Ambulance In Washington County

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Police are searching for a bicyclist they say ran from an ambulance after being hit by a vehicle in Washington County.

Police and emergency crews responded around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday to Arkansas Highway 45, two miles south of Arkansas Highway 62, in reference to a bicyclist being struck by a vehicle, according to an Arkansas State Police crash report.

The driver stopped to check on the bicyclist and said he would call an ambulance. The bicyclist refused help and fled on foot after hearing sirens from an ambulance, state police said.

The driver described the bicyclist as a Hispanic male about 25 years old, with a scruffy beard. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and black shoes, the driver said. The bicyclist ran north from the Canehill area, police said.


  • Mark Smith

    Lets dehumanize a person even more. A person HIT by a car no less and I’d illegal, someone who went through great effort and sacrifice to make it to the US. The illegals work much harder than your average slow moving Arkansan complete with muffin top woman and beer bellied men.

    • Arkajun

      Mark, just what is it about ILLEGAL that you don’t understand. I don’t care who you are, if you are not in this country legally, then get out of MY COUNTRY! Besides, this guy in dressed in a “black hoodie, black pants, black shoes, on a highway, on a bicycle at 6:30 at night kinna explains why he got hit in the 1st place…can’t see him.

  • Seeing

    Get over yourself , Mark, and get an education and learn about the real world. I am a single white mother who works a full time job..and not on any state or federal aid. However, I am in the position that I know and see the majority of mexicans who expect a free handhand because of their color. Considering there are next to zero hispanics in that area it would be a great guess that he was up to trouble as there have been numerous robberies in that area…why would he run if he were not guilty of something? “effort and sacrifice”…I think not…free loader…YES!

  • mustang96csr

    Ummmmm..maybe he just knew he couldn’t afford the cost of the ambulance services. If I was able, I would run too!

    • nurse one

      If that is the case…I welcome them. Come over doing all the appropriate paper work like my ancestors did, and I will hold up a big “Welcome” sign. Geez…How hard is it to follow the rules?

  • Brad

    The person that ran would not have to paid for the ambulance ride or the medical bills since the motorist insurance would have paid for it

    • exhausted

      The insurance company would only pay if the investigation found that the driver was at fault. They’re not going to pay a dime if the cyclist was to blame.

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