Students Cited After Damaging Car of Teacher Accused of Harassment

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Five students in Greenwood are facing misdemeanor charges after police said they damaged the car belonging to a former teacher accused of harassment.

Gilberto Huerta told police he saw several children running from his property as he was returning to his home on Meadow Bridge Drive late Friday evening (Feb. 21).

Lt. Nicholas Driscoll with the Greenwood Police Department said during the course of the investigation, five Greenwood school district students were identified as the suspects.

"While on the property, they took the hubcaps off his automobile and took five lug nuts off one wheel and three of them off the other," said Driscoll.

The teens were interviewed by police on Monday (Feb. 24), and all five suspects confessed to the crimes, according to Driscoll. Each student was cited on suspicion of criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

Huerta was arrested Friday on suspicion of harassment after resigning from the Greenwood school district earlier in the week. According to school officials, Huerta had been a teacher with the district for four years.

Huerta pleaded not guilty to the charges before a Sebastian County judge Monday. The county clerk's office said his trial is scheduled for April 23 at 1 p.m.


  • Sarah

    These evil acts against Mr. Huerta doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s what happens when one is surrounded by pure ignorance. Something about this whole thing is very suspicious. Mr. Huerta hasn’t been found guilty, but these kids even confessed to their crimes….enough said.

  • happy happy happy

    If these are juvenile thugs, then I hope the parents are held accountable. Unacceptable behavior is unacceptable.

  • pure&simple

    Let me get this straight: this teacher (allegedly) bit an 8th grade girl on the ear while telling her he is going to eat her, and that next time he was going to put salsa on it, crawled under a table where 3 girls were sitting (his excuse being he was illustrating the word “under” in Spanish) and upon emerging said not to worry, he had his eyes closed……….and you’re sending comments about the damage HE suffered?!? And not even his person, but his property! Now before you go flying off the handle at me, I do not condone or applaud these student’s behavior, ok? They broke the law, and should be held accountable for their part in it. HOWEVER do I understand why they may have taken this action against this man? Absolutely. First ask yourself this: if it was YOUR daughter this teacher, a supposed trusted man of authority, did this to….what would you, yourself want to do to him (much less his car)? Again….please don’t misunderstand…I am not praising these student’s behavior….but I AM saying I understand it. I guess I’m just wondering why so many others of u don’t.

    • RandomAR

      First of all, if I was the parent of any of those girls, I would have wanted to know/report it WHEN IT HAPPENED IN EARLY NOVEMBER. Not wait until it was convenient to cause problems almost four months later. Being a former student at GHS and having him as a substitute teacher, he did use demonstratives. But never EVER made anyone feel uncomfortable. This embarrassing cry for attention from these girls is just pathetic and the embarrassment Gilberto and his family have to suffer because of it is so heartbreaking. Hoping the truth comes out.

  • Justice

    I’m glad that my daughter wasn’t involved in this twisted incident. No telling what people would say about my reaction! Believe me, as a father of a little girl, there is no limit to what I would do to protect her. Hub caps would be the least of someone’s problems. I’m sure someone will mouth about this comment and that’s fine too.

    • anonymous

      Amen justice. If this would have been my lil girl this peeve would be praying the cops locked him away and threw away the key. Until we start prosecuting these sick idiots to the fullest extent possible our children will continue to have their lives destroyed by them. Wake up people.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you people acting like he really did it? He hasn’t even been found guilty. He may not have even done it at all and it’s causing all this trouble and stress for his family for nothing. There isn’t even enough proof to say he is guilty… I mean one girl and he little friends saying that’s what happened doesn’t mean it’s true. This girl could have made this whole thing up. It really does seem like she made it up…. So again… HE IS HAS NOT BEEN FOUND GUILTY/INNOCENT yet.

  • joesumone

    I think it is high time we stop protecting the identity of kids who perform acts of dumba$$ery. That way their parents will have a bit more to worry about and make sure they raise their children to be better members of society. And KFSM will have more people to endlessly shame publicly.

  • Anonymous

    Why would he bite a girl’s ear and want to waste perfectly good salsa on it when he could have a taco or burrito instead? That’s just silly, obviously a lie ;) And don’t call me racist because I can’t be racist against my own race… Or maybe I can?… Idk :)

  • Anonymous

    How does she expect to be respected by any male at all when she goes around showing her ears? Everyone knows men go crazy for ears. Someone needs to give this girl some earmuffs

  • Anonymous

    Well I think the girl should be the one to get hit by a car… She’s the one who lied and started this whole thing

  • spirit west

    So now vigilante justice is okay? When did we stoop this low? Does he not deserve a trial? Why is it acceptable to vandalize someone’s property who has been arrested (not convicted) for something? Let’s have some civility. I don’t know this man or any of these kids, but I hope those of you ready to hang him are charged with a crime and get community justice before you have a trial so you can see how it feels to be the victim of vigilante mentality.

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