The Future of a Lake Atalanta Road Will Be Discussed

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Rogers city leaders will hold a public input session to discuss the future of a road around Lake Atalanta. The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the Rogers City Council Chambers on Chestnut Rd.

Steve Glass, director for planning and transportation, said they are looking at several options. Those ideas include widening and improving the current road for bikers and drivers to share, and improving the road but provide a separate trail for pedestrians and bikers.

There a third option is to close the street when it gets to a subdivision by the lake and covert the section after the subdivision into a trail.

Glass said the project will be funded by a grant and the 2011 bond issue voters approved.

“This is part of the last bond program was improving Lake Atalanta and so adding these amenities is just one of the things that was expressed as a desire to have,” Glass said.

Joan Reynolds said there’s a group of concerned citizens against some of the proposed changes.

“There’s not enough room to add a 10 to 12-foot path next to the road that exists here,” Reynolds said.

Glass said the city will listen to the community’s concerns and shape their plan after the meeting.

The Rogers City Council will make a decision during their first meeting in March.