VIDEO: Raw Video Of Arrest Released After Man Dies In Police Custody

Photo courtesy of affiliate station KFOR - Channel 4.

Photo courtesy of affiliate station KFOR - Channel 4.

[Editor's note: Please be aware this video contains graphic footage]

The family’s attorney has just released cell phone video showing some of what happened the night Luis Rodriguez died in the custody of Moore police.

Luis’ wife, Nair, took the video.

Attorney Michael Brooks-Jiménez, who is representing the Rodriguez family, said, “Luis committed no crime. He wasn’t armed. No gun. No knife. No weapon of any kind. But Luis was the one who lost his life that night.”

In the video you hear Nair Rodriguez yelling for police to leave Luis alone.

The video shows five officers detaining Mr. Rodriguez.

It then shows officers sitting him up, supporting him.

His family members said they believe he was not breathing at that time.

Mr. Rodriguez was then put into an ambulance.

Officials said Luis later died at the hospital.

The investigation into Mr. Rodriguez’s death was handed over to the OSBI last week.

Mr. Rodriguez died Feb. 15 after being taken into custody outside the Warren Theater in Moore.

His family says police beat him.

Read the rest of the story on our affiliate station’s website KFOR – Channel 4 by clicking here. 


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