4-Year-Old Killed in Accident at Oklahoma School

Quaid Dolan

A man from Nichols Hills, Oklahoma hit and killed his 4-year-old son while dropping him off at his school Tuesday (Feb. 25).

Authorities said the father was dropping several children off at Christ The King School when his son, Quaid Dolan, decided to run back to the car after everyone was out.

The father was not aware that Quaid had come back, and accidentally hit him with the vehicle.

His school mates then ran inside the building, asking teachers for help. One person called 911, while another teacher rushed outside to give Quaid CPR but it was too late. 

Christ The King Catholic School sent this statement:

“We are sorry to inform you of a tragic accident that occurred this am during junior high carpool. A student in full day PreK ran back to his car and was struck. Sadly, the child did not survive. We are awaiting Catholic Charities arrival to assist with any counseling and support and will let you know more details as arrangements are made.”

Quaid leaves behind five older brothers and a younger sister, his parents and his grandparents. His memorial services have not been set yet.

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