Decades-Old Cold Case in Oklahoma Gets New Lead

In Oklahoma, a cold case that’s haunted people for decades has a new lead.

Nearly 35 years ago, the body of a woman was discovered on the bank of the North Canadian River, 20 miles east of Oklahoma City. Authorities ruled that she had been shot to death, and then her killer covered her body with lime. Authorities believe the person responsible for her death thought it would speed up the decomposition process, but it actually mummified her and preserved evidence.

Now, thanks to a national organization, authorities have put together a DNA profile of the victim, who they nicknamed “The Lime Lady”, but they need something to compare it against to get the answer they need.

“‘That is the most frustrating thing about this, because we can`t even begin to figure out who killed her, who is responsible for her death, until we figure out who she is,” Mark Myers, from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “So anytime I’ve spoken with our investigators about this case, you can just really see the frustration in their face because they just do not know.”

Investigators are now hoping that someone knows something about this woman and comes forward.

“All it takes is just one person, just one person to come forward and say `You know, I had an aunt who was missing. I had a sister who was missing all these years ago.` And then we can run that DNA profile.” Myers said.

Here is a description of the victim:

  • White female
  • Between the ages of 18 and 25
  • 5’6″ to 5’7″ tall
  • 118 to 120 pounds
  • Brown hair
  • Appendectomy scar
  • She had extensive dental work with some teeth out of alignment
  • She had a tattoo of a small heart over the left breast
  • The heart was colored red with blue ink outlining it

Based on the area where the victim’s body was found, investigators believe they might know where the killer lives.

For more on this story from our Oklahoma City affiliate, click here. 


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