How Much Is The Tooth Fairy Shelling Out Per Tooth These Days?

Posted on: 5:25 pm, February 27, 2014, by , updated on: 05:26pm, February 27, 2014

Photo courtesy of The Original Tooth Fairy Poll

Photo courtesy of The Original Tooth Fairy Poll

Apparently the average baby tooth may be a better growth investment than the average stock on the S&P 500.

The going rate for a lost tooth as set by the Tooth Fairy climbed to $3.50 last year. That’s up more than 44% from 2012 when the average reward left under the pillow was $2.42.

Over the same time period the S&P 500 gained just 29.6%.

The numbers come from the latest Delta Dental Original Tooth Fairy Poll which surveys more than 1,000 parents nationwide.

Here are some of the other findings from the poll:

  • The Tooth Fairy was even more generous for first-time tooth giving, leaving more money for the first tooth than for other teeth in 59 percent of homes. On average, the amount given for the first tooth was $4.51. This is a 29.2 percent increase from last year.
  • The Tooth Fairy visited 86 percent of U.S. homes with children who lost a tooth.
  • The Tooth Fairy left cash for kids in 98 percent of the homes she visited. Two percent of children received toys, gum or other gifts.
  • The most common amount left under the pillow by the Tooth Fairy was $1 (42 percent received this amount).
  • Twenty-eight percent of kids received $5 or more for each lost tooth.

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