Scientist Develops Plan To Stop Tornadoes In Oklahoma


PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – A scientist says he has come up with a solution to protect the Midwest from tornadoes.

You’ve heard of the Great Wall of China?

Well, this physicist’s solution is similar; the Great Walls of Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Dakota and Texas.

Temple University physicist Dr. Rongjia Tao said, ”If we build three east-west great walls in the American Midwest, one in North Dakota, one along the border between Kansas and Oklahoma to the east and the third one in south Texas and Louisiana, we will diminish the tornado threats in the Tornado Alley forever.”

The USA Today reported, Dr. Tao said the walls would need to be 1,000 feet high and 150 feet wide.

Dr. Tao told the USA Today the tornadoes in the Midwest are created during violent clashes between northbound warm airflow and southbound cold airflow.

He said the supercells are created because the Midwest doesn’t have west-to-east mountains to weaken the airflow.

Dr. Tao said he believes the walls would stop the north-to-south airflow which would essentially prevent the tornadoes from forming.

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