Benton County Officials Address FEMA Money For Flood Repairs

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Flood waters last May ripped through Benton County, damaging millions of dollars in property. Now the county knows how much money it will get from the federal government.

A report outlining all of the flood damages has been released by county officials, showing the total cost of repairs as $3.5 million.

County leaders said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will pay 75 percent, and the state will cover 12.5 percent. The county will pay the remaining amount.

“I think it's good news. We still have some additional project worksheets we are waiting on. It's been a long, drawn-out process," said Robert McGowen, Benton County Emergency Management director. "But we are getting there, and we are getting the work done as soon as we can.”

The county will receive the money once each remaining repair project is complete.

From minor to major damage, a total of 241 locations countywide were damaged. But improvement projects are in the works, some more difficult than others.

“It takes time to do bridges. If it’s a repair job, that's not too difficult, but we have two or three bridges that washed out,” said Benton County Judge Bob Clinard.

County administrators have set January of 2015 to finish all of the repair work.