Cops: Man Fed Pregnant Woman Drug-Laced Pancake, Killed Fetus

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Photo courtesy of CBS News.

CBS News – Investigators say that a Kansas man served a woman a drug-laced pancake in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy in late January, reports CBS affiliate WHIO.

Scott Robert Bollig, 30, is facing first-degree murder and other charges. The criminal complaint filed in Trego County by Attorney General Derek Schmidt accuses Bollig of putting a crushed medication used to end pregnancies on a pancake for a pregnant woman to eat. The incident allegedly occurred Jan. 26.

The complaint, which doesn’t name the medication or say when the fetus died, includes an alternative charge of attempted murder.

The investigator’s report says that Abbott suffered “great bodily harm.”

Bollig’s lawyer, Daniel Walter, says he’ll challenge the statute used to charge Bollig. The statute makes it illegal to kill or wound an unborn child during an attack on the mother.

The suspect is currently free on a $500,000 bond, awaiting his first court appearance in front of a judge.


  • soul killers

    I see…but it’s okay if some “doctor” can go in there and cut up a unborn child!?…Which happens about 2 million times a year in this country.
    But we’re going to get this guy (who’s guilty of murder) and throw the book at him. Whatever?…both are killers.

    • bob

      The difference is that you have to pay the doctor $500 for the pill or procedure and there for the all the polatitions and judges all get a nice cut of the money which makes its ok for them to do. lol if there was no money involved it would be illgeal for sure.

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