Dairy Queen Goes Green In March

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Dairy Queen is getting ready to celebrate the dawn of Spring by going green with the return of their Mint Oreo Blizzard, according to a news release put out today.

“Our Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat has become the unofficial kick off for spring for our fans and our system,” said Barry Westrum, executive vice president of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ).

“We continue to innovate and add to our menu and in March that means the debut of our Mint Oreo Royal Shake,” he said.

Many of the Blizzard treat flavors can also be made into cakes, if customers desire.

“The Dairy Queen system began blending simple combinations of cookies, chocolates, nuts, candies and fruits with DQ soft serve in 1985 to create the signature Blizzard Treat,” the news release stated.