Har-Ber Student Facing Misdemeanor Charge After Lockdown

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A 15-year-old girl is facing a disorderly conduct charge after a gun threat left Springdale Har-Ber High on lockdown on Thursday (Feb. 27), police said.

There was no gun found in the incident, but the student was cited after being questioned and now faces a misdemeanor charge based on threatening remarks she made, Springdale Police Lt. Derek Hudson said Friday (Feb. 28).

After being questioned by police on Thursday night (Feb. 27), the student was turned over to the custody of an adult guardian, police said.

If the prosecuting attorney files charges, the student’s case will proceed to the Washington County Circuit Court Juvenile Division.

Several Springdale Har-Ber High School students were detained by police for questioning after a tip about a student with a gun led to a lockdown at the school on Thursday (Feb. 27), Hudson said.

Police responded to the school about 2 p.m. The lockdown was lifted about an hour later.


  • Stephen

    Did the cops really go into the school with shotguns because of “tips” that a girl might have brought a gun to school?? Parents should be questioning
    the cops if this is so.

  • upset

    I know the girl that is being questioned. She never had a gun, and no shots were ever fired. The thing I don’t understand is why is she being charged for hear say of another student. The other student who gave the false tip I feel should be the one who is being charged for disorderly conduct. There are several holes in this situation

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