Officials Tout New “One Stop Shop” For Taxpayers, Despite $70,000 Error

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A new office for some Benton county employees will soon open in Rogers. However, the new building is already in the red, according to county leaders.

The building at 1428 Walnut St. used to house USA Drug, but in just a few days, it will be the home to what county leaders are calling a "one-stop-shop" for taxpayers.

The new facility will house the Benton County assessor, the county collector, county clerk and the state revenue office, which serves drivers. County residents will also be able to register to vote at the location.

“This is the way it should be here in Arkansas,” said Benton County Judge Bob Clinard. “It's a one stop shop for all of the taxpayers.”

The total cost of the project is $270,000, which is $70,000 more than county officials were budgeted to spend.

“The cost was exceeded without my knowledge before we went to the court and asked for more money. That's not protocol here. You get the money approved and go spend it," Clinard said. "It was a mistake and never intended, but it happened.”

Officials said that appropriation for the extra money has been approved, and the underestimated cost is behind them now.

The new facility will be ready for business on Monday at 8 a.m.


  • CQ

    It’s pretty clear that Benton County needs to “clean house” when it comes to government officials. That judge should be the first to go.

  • Arkajun

    Politicians are developing a bad habit of apologizing after the fact. They believe that if they screw up but say “I’m sorry”, that makes the screw up. A $70K error on a $200K budget is a 35% error. That’s not an error, that’s incompetency. Someone, maybe all need to get the axe!

  • happy happy happy

    Remember the adage? It is better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission….LOL…seems this continues to be the song that is always sung.

  • B the One

    The sad thing is…. the revenue office in Bentonville has office space right next door to it that the assessor’s office that was on SE 28th St in Bentonville, (it was moved to the W Walnut location) could’ve moved into in Feb of last year when the revenue office relocated to SW D St in Bentonville.
    The judge has talked about how this new office combo on W Walnut is going to be so convenient for the residents of the area… just who does he think he’s kidding?
    When USA Drug was in that building I used them as my pharmacy. There are times throughout the day when it’s very difficult to get onto Walnut. And he says he made these choices for the good of the people in Benton Co. I think not.
    Also, with the money that was overspent, makes one wonder just where else our tax dollars are being spent that he and or we know nothing about. I think there should be some accountability with this $70,000.00 overage.
    Anyone else see this as I do?

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