Pedestrian Killed, 3 Hospitalized In I-540 Crashes Friday Night

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A man was killed and at least three people were hospitalized Friday night (Feb. 28) after a series of crashes on Interstate 540 near Lowell that shut down the highway, according to Arkansas State Police.

Police and an ambulance responded to the scene of a rollover crash between Lowell and the Wagon Wheel exit around 9:30 p.m. They responded to two other crashes in the same area over the next hour, police said.

In one of the collisions, a vehicle driven by Janet Hill, 74, of Springdale, swerved onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a collision with another car, only to strike and kill a pedestrian. The pedestrian died in the collision and was later identified as David P. Moessner, 52, of Baldwin, Mo., according to Arkansas State Police.

Hill was uninjured in the wreck, police said.

Two other crash victims involved in other wrecks were taken to Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, while one person was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center, according to state police.

Police blocked the northbound and southbound lanes for more than an hour after the initial crash.




  • Parrot Sarnoso

    There are a lot of construction trucks and construction material in the highway, on both sides of the lanes.

  • Teresa

    540 from Fayetteville to Bella Vista is a nightmare that includes, speeding, road rage, disrespect. And with all the construction, it is worst. The white lines in the lanes in those sites along with the speed limit signs only apply to me. They must only have my name on them. Wish they would put every driver’s name on them.

  • Horrid

    Construction or not, NWA has some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. Even when the troopers are there they make it worse because everyone wants to slam on their brakes.

  • JR Gibbs

    People are driving badly not only on 540 but everywhere. But, then I see law enforcemt driving badly themselves. I wish this station would hire me for a week to just go out and film how badly people are driving, I am shocked more people are not killed or there are more accidents. Heck you go to Wlamart any more and the arrows mean nothing. People drive the wrong way in parking lots. Incredible. Feels like I am driving in India or Mexico.

  • Bret

    I drove from bentonville to fayetteville last night..saw at least 4 major construction zones…very narrow roadways and people driving far too fast…why dont the DOT focus on one section at a time?..also the right lane in the construction zones are poorly graded..large ruts that want to yank the wheel out of your hand and send you careening into the concrete dividers..pathetic road construction techniques…also the 3 mile section of 102 near my house has been under construction for as long as iv lived here..over a year now…how about you people finish this up?

  • wageslave

    society is sissified.. it needs to go back to the wild west days and people would respect everyone else.. as far as im concerned, america deserves everything they get.. i love reading about catastrophes.

  • Leten Uno

    I especially love the pickup truck drivers. Stomping the gas to rush from stop light to stop light.
    As if someone told them ‘if you stomp the gas you will burn twice as much gas, stress your vehicle more, wear out your tires and brakes faster. ‘oh ok then, I’ll do it”. Stupidity reigns.

  • Lesli

    Yes, the construction lanes are way too close, and the concrete barriers sit right on top of the lines, giving drivers very little margin for error. On the Southbound lanes through Fayetteville, the blacktop in the passing lane (for those of you who are slow drivers that like to drive in the passing lane, that would be the left or innermost lane) has a huge drop-off right where the car’s right tires are, so it constantly pulls you over into the right lane. Very stupid construction sites set up, don’t know who the Contractors are, but not acceptable. Also,people need to SLOW DOWN. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s not worth a wreck or dying folks! God bless the gentleman that was struck, and God be with the lady that accidentally struck him. I do not like reading about catastophes.

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