Demolition Begins For Historic Hot Springs Hotel

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Demolition of the Majestic hotel started early Saturday morning (March 1).

The historic hotel in Hot Springs was partially destroyed by a fire that started Thursday afternoon.

Firefighters spent hours containing the fire to the fifth and fourth floors and say part of the hotel's back wall collapsed.

The hotel was shut down back in 2006, so police say there shouldn't have been anyone inside.

Still no word on what caused the blaze.

The hotel has been around since 1902.


  • Ashley Evans

    The Yellow stone of the Majestic Hotel was opened in 1890 not in the 1920s was the addition to the majestic. The tower! Then in 1980 to the 1990s was more remodel to try to bring the flock back to the Majestic. It was not enough to bring back what use to be with the Majestic. In 2006 they shut the doors for good. Electric has been killed from the building for years. It is a tragic loss. A building we will remember forever. I had no idea what was on fire as I drive down central. When I got to the fountain my eyes began to water as I watched a beautiful landmark that was once a huge destination in hot springs burn. Nothing will ever replace the beautiful Majestic. Hot springs had a sad start for our 2014 year!

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