Drivers Slide And Get Stuck On Roadways

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The Sunday snow left Northwest Arkansas roads covered in snow and ice, which caused some drivers to slide off into the I-540 median. State Police reported a handful of accidents with most happening between exits 69 in Johnson and exit 72 in Springdale.

No injuries were reported, and none of the accidents blocked traffic, according to the State Police Troop L dispatcher in Springdale.

Kevin Ross, who got stuck trying to turn onto Walton Bouldvard in Bentonville, said he was leaving work on his way home when he lost traction.

"I'm used to driving on the roads when it`s snowing or what have you, but I wouldn't recommend in this type of weather," Ross said.

Two Bentonville police officers responded to Ross's car and called a tow company to pull the car out.

"Basically what they are doing is they are getting stuck on the hills right as they are getting onto Walton," said Officer Clint Ferrell. "A lot of them are bottoming out, so we've just been pushing them out."

"It's been super busy," he said.

Ross said he's thankful his car was freed from the snow.

"I'm just glad that it`s unstuck, and I`m just going to go home, take me a nice hot shower and relax," Ross said.

Bobby Rhine, a locksmith who stopped to help another driver, said he had pulled about seven drivers out of the snow.

"I'm trying to get to work, trying to get my wife and daughter to work," Rhine said. "I've got them to work, now I'm trying to get to work and everyone is stuck in the ditches."

According to the Bentonville Police Department, they responded to four accidents and 31 cars stuck between 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.


  • Kevin

    Dumb A$$ drivers.. Slow down, quit tailgating, quit changing lane to lane, just quit driving like idiots!!!!

  • lisa

    people driving way too fast for conditions…..whatever happened to safe distance??? guess some people have to learn the hard way….

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