Gov. Declares State Of Emergency; Trucks Flips With Man And Girl Inside

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Gov. Mike Beebe declared a state of emergency Monday for Arkansas after ice and snow fell on much of the state and covered the region’s roads.

Beebe issued the proclamation after finding the weather “caused great damage to private property and public facilities in various jurisdictions in Arkansas.” Beebe also stated, “These political subdivisions require supplemental assistance from the state to recover from these losses.”

The ice-covered roads led to several wrecks and private property damage in Northwest Arkansas. A crash on Interstate 540 in Rogers on Sunday killed a man and hospitalized two other people.

A pickup truck traveling southbound on I-540 hit a concrete median near Springdale and ran off of the roadway to the opposite side, flipping before coming to rest on its side. The truck’s roof and windshield were completely smashed, while the man and girl inside walked away without injuries, they said. (See photo accompanying story)


  • Clifford riggins

    Give me a break .. It a freaking one day smow storm and they want to declare it a state of emergency … God help these people if they lived somewhere where it does this almost daily …

    • Mason Elee

      I agree with the whole emergency thing being blown out of proportion. I will also say, most places that deal with snow, don’t have to deal with it raining and becoming ice first. Arkansas is in that strange weather zone.

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