Fear Of Freezing Roads Leads To River Valley School Closings

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With concerns of refreezing on the roadways, many school districts in the River Valley closed for Tuesday (March 4).

One Van Buren mom said she did not mind her child being out of school on Monday (March 3) because the roads were bad.

She said she did expect for the students to be able to return on Tuesday (March 4) because,"The roads that I've seen so far, the main ones the buses would take on routes, they look pretty well for Van Buren. I haven't been to Fort Smith or anything, but they look really good here."

Highway 59 and Pointer Trail near Van Buren High School looked mostly clear with some small patches of ice. The grounds of the high school were clear with ice only on the surrounding grass areas.

At Darby Junior High School, the driveway of the parking lot was completely covered in ice, and with the below freezing temperatures overnight, it could cause problems for drivers and buses.

The sidewalks were covered with ice as well, while the actual parking spaces in the lot were dry.

Major roads in Fort Smith such as Grand Avenue had a combination of both dry and icy patches, causing drivers to slow down and use caution.