Rogers Lawyer Seeks Prosecuting Attorney Post

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Kimberly Weber, a Rogers lawyer who has been a prosecutor and defense attorney, is running to replace Van Stone as Benton County prosecuting attorney.

Weber, 45, filed to run for the office in Little Rock on Monday (March 3), the last day for candidates to file in the 2014 election.

Weber said she wants the prosecuting attorney’s office to focus more on victims and do more to implement alternative-sentencing programs for criminal offenders. She said her legal experience gives her an advantage in the race.

“With age comes wisdom, perspective and experience,” she said.

The other candidate, 31-year-old Nathan Smith, a Benton County deputy prosecuting attorney in Stone’s office, declared Feb. 25 he is seeking the top prosecutor’s position. Smith’s announcement came one day after Stone said he is not seeking re-election to a third term. Stone has endorsed Smith.

(The picture of Weber above was taken from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Web page.)

Weber has worked in the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and for the U.S. Attorney in Springfield, Mo., where her work load included prosecuting drug cases, she said.

Since 2008, Weber has been a criminal defense lawyer in the Rogers firm of Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure, Thompson and Fryauf.

During an earlier two-year stint in Texas, she worked for a law firm whose clients included the Dallas Cowboys and Exxon, she said. She also has been an instructor at two universities in Springfield, Drury and Missouri State.

Weber, who attended high school in Kansas City, Mo., is the single mother of an 11-year-old son.

The nonpartisan election is set to be held May 20.


  • mcleod

    I bet the Facebook photo was copied by News5 from her Facebook page. I just can’t help but notice the difference in age and experience. The other guy is apparently only 31. Quite a resume for her.

    • Mark Smith

      Mcloud – you on her campaign? Full disclosure now . Amazing how fast the pic was changed to the “studious” pic! All show. Not what I’m looking for. And I don’t work for any campaign.

  • Wayne

    My first major concern here is alternate sentencing for offenders. This very much sounds like a liberal approach to free convicted people. I personally will not vote for anyone that is lenient on those convicted of crimes against society.

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