Man Flies KKK Flag, Puts Up ‘Members Wanted’ Sign

Photo courtesy of CBS Miami.

Photo courtesy of CBS Miami.

A Palm Beach County man appears to be recruiting for the Ku Klux Klan with a KKK flag, noose and “Members Wanted” sign prominently displayed in the front yard of his trailer home.

The man, who did not give his name, spoke briefly to reporters outside his home in western Boca Raton as he took down the flag Tuesday night. He said he has every right to fly the flag as part of his freedom of speech.

“What message are you sending to the community?” a reporter asked him.

“I’m not sending any message,” the man said. “The same thing when the Puerto Rican flies his flag. He’s proud of his heritage. I’m proud of mine.”

Neighbors, however, say the flag sends a message of hatred, violence and racism.

“I think it’s horrible,” said Roseanne Areces. “I think it’s disgusting and I think it should be taken down.”

The man does not seem to have any intention of removing the flag. Reporters also asked him about the homemade “Members Wanted” sign.

“Are you recruiting members for the KKK?” a reporter asked.

“Where does it say that?” the man replied.

“There’s a sign right here that says, Members Wanted,” a reporter said.

“Yeah but it doesn’t say for what, does it?” the man responded.

The noose hangs prominently in the front yard, contrasted with the word “love” sitting in the front window. The man said the noose is there “because I don’t have a big tree in the backyard to hang it from.”

Margaret Martin lives across the street. She says she is one of the only African-Americans in the neighborhood and that these images are a reminder of a dark time. She fears for her safety.

Read the rest of the story on our affiliate station’s website CBS Miami by clicking here. 


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