Muldrow Residents Worried About Future After Bond Fails

A 2013 tornado in Moore, Okla. ripped apart homes, schools, and took the lives of many. So Muldrow schools proposed a bond to keep their kids safe this tornado season.

“We purposed a 4.3 million dollar bond issue for safe room’s at all three schools sites,” said Muldrow schools superintendent Ron Flanagan.

Flanagan said the proposal to raise property taxes won 55-percent of the vote, but that wasn’t enough.

“In Oklahoma you`re required a super majority of 60 percent in order for the bond to pass,” Flanagan said.

Some parents are questioning what’s next.

“We will look at the possibility in the coming future of re-running this issue again,” Flanagan said.

Although Flanagan said there`s no price for his kids safety, some parents say the proposed tax raises concern.

“How would I afford it?” asked parent Emily Oaks.

“I voted yes because I think storm shelters are needed,” said Jeremy Cowan.

As tornado season approaches the school said they will have to make due.

“Right now the kids go to the center of the buildings and get as many walls in between them as possible. Most of the time that means the hallways,” Flanagan said.

Flanagan said they must wait 120 days before anything can be decided on for a new vote.

Flanagan estimates the bond will be up for re-election by early 2015.


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