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Bloody Dog With Chain Around Neck Has Died

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A dog found covered in blood on the side of the highway with a chain around its neck has been put to death, the Bella Vista Animal Shelter says.

According to a post on the shelter's Facebook page on Friday (March 7), the dog had massive internal injuries.

"He was in so much pain we along with our vets felt this was the last act of kindness we could give to this sweet boy," the Facebook entry states.

The shelter's assistant manager, Matt Colston, said putting the dog down was a tough decision.

"When that decision is made it's always heart wrenching for us but in a case like this even more so because probably the last kindness that that animal has ever known was what we did for him," Colston said.

The 35-pound spaniel-lab mix was found on Arkansas 279. Photographs of the dog released by the animal shelter show severe road rash on the dog's underside, along with the large chain that was found with the animal.

The dog also suffered road rash on its head and ear, in addition to a possible broken leg, according to the animal shelter. The animal was fighting shock Thursday (March 6) and had been scheduled to undergo X-rays on Friday.

The dog didn't have a collar or microchip, according to Animal Control Officer Amber Bowman.

"RIP little black dog," the Facebook entry states, "run free and happy and well. No one will ever be cruel to you again."


  • Sarah 1

    There should be a special penalty for whomever does such torture to any animal. Long term incarceration maybe?

    • Arkajun

      How about full body road rash and life with a chain around his neck?
      Punishment to fit the crime. I’ll drive.

  • Lori

    What in the heck is wrong with human beings? That is awful!! If you can’t take care of an animal then freaking don’t get one. This makes me sick!!

  • ourania

    Humans that can do this to a innocent animal , would hurt a human child and that human does not deserve to breathe air.

  • kenneth

    I agree with all of the comment,that is just plain wrong and if they find out who did it,at least 6 months in jail and a huge fine and all medical cost.

  • BJM

    Sounds like somebody tried to drag him behind a vehicle. Hope the poor dog makes it and gets a good home.

  • Mary

    There is a special place in He** for people who are this cruel to innocent animals! Bless this poor puppy…he has a better life now with someone who will love him and care for him unconditionally!

  • Sarah 1

    RIP little doggie. Your troubles are behind you. Thank you to the people who helped this little creature of God’s making.

  • Julie

    They should find the sick jerk that did this and tie him to the back of a car! Rest in peace sweet boy, you are running free.

  • Paul Walters

    How could anyone be so cruel to an animal??!! This just pisses me off!! I hope when they find the owner that someone puts a chain around his neck and takes him drag racing down a dirt road!! RIP little black dog. Hopefully justice will be served.

  • happyme

    I’m not by any means making excuses for whomever did this. However, I have seen many owners put their big dogs in the back of pickup trucks and drive all over with them. I’ve even seen big dogs on chain in the back like that too. I wonder if the poor dog fell out of a truck and the owner didn’t realize. Gosh that is horrible!!

  • Dee

    There is a place in hell to those who hurt animals and children. Makes me sick. If you don’t want the dog then give it away. I hope someone tortures the owners like they did the dog.

  • TB

    Statistics show that those who torture animals tend to dwell into deeper evils, like the killing of humans. Go back and look at history, Jeffrey Dahmer is one that comes to mind. Another reason why society needs to bring ‘God’ back into the picture EVERYWHERE….

    • Ft Smith

      That is the truth. They start with animals and move on to people. whoever did this needs some psychological help. Someone knows who this dog belongs to and they need to come forward.

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