Pea Ridge Students Can’t Use Water Fountains Monday

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The city of Pea Ridge was placed under a precautionary boil order Saturday (March 8) due to a damaged water main.

The school district announced students wouldn't have access to water fountains on Monday (March 10) because of the boil order.

The school district urged parents to send a bottle of water with their children to school on Monday. Superintendent Rick Neal said the district also provided bottled water to students.

"It's been a normal day at school, all the water fountains have been turned off and cafeterias will be serving out of paper plates and different things like that," Neal said. "We've taken precautions."

The boil order was issued after a main water pipe was damaged at the construction zone of the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Hwy 72.

According to the water department, the ground was saturated with water after snow melted. They said a piece of equipment drove over an area, shifted the dirt, which caused pressure on the water pipe.

The water department sent samples to the health department and is waiting on the results before the boil order is lifted.

The boil order excludes people who live in the Brush Creek and Givens Subdivisions.

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    I remember once upon a time at schools when the kids poured out the water in the bottles and refilled with Vodka….it may be an interesting day at Pea Ridge schools….lol

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