Grass Fire Damages Home In Crawford County

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A grass fire has broken out around 3:30 pm in Crawford County north of Rudy, but has since come under control.

Some minimal damage was done to a nearby home, and wind was a factor with the flames.

“The house on the south side was burned, and the siding was burned. The satellite dish was burned, really there was minimal damage. Everything in the attic checked out okay. The siding was the largest part,” said Nathaniel Caswell, the homeowner’s son.

According to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, the fire was located near where Highway 162 and Hobtown Road meet.

There were no injuries reported, although horses were reportedly kept on the pasture near the fire location. None of them were injured, either.

The fire is believed to have been caused by a possible trailer dragging a chain that created some sparks when it made contact with the asphalt, according to, Regina Gregory, a firefighter with the Arkansas Forestry Service.

Five acres burned total and a few round bales of hay caught fire. Firefighters put a dozer line around it and broke up the hay bales so they could burn out. It took roughly an hour for the fire to be put out, according to Gregory.