Voters Reject Alma Sales Tax Proposal

Alma voters rejected the renewal of a one-cent sales tax Tuesday that would have funded several local projects.

“I voted yes today,” said Alma voter Matthew Haught. “With the money that’s going to be raised for the sales tax it’s going to help the downtown. It’s going to help our fire department.”

The vote failed 121 to 104, according to election officials.

“I voted against it,” said Alma voter Ty Peters. “It’s just a little unclear what they were actually talking about.”

The failed vote ends a one-cent sales tax that has been extended by voters several times since its inception in 1998. Alma Police Chief Russell White said the sales tax had initially been set for a specific project. This time, the funding would have been used for everything from economic development to improving the safety of Alma citizens.

“Beautification of downtown, some road projects, fire truck and fire station renewal,” said White. “The original tax was for trucks in 1998. Those trucks are now 16 years old.”


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