Walmart To Open And Test New Convenience Store

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Walmart is set to open a convenience store in Bentonville called Walmart To Go, according to a news release on Tuesday (March 11).

On Wednesday (March 19) at 8 a.m., Walmart is scheduled to open the new store that will act as a test concept to provide customers with a “quick and easy solution for gas, snacks and beverages, as well as grocery staples like milk, bread and eggs,” the release states.

The store will also offer fresh foods, including deli items, fresh sandwiches, salads, pizza and more, according to the release.

Walmart To Go will be located at 1300 S. Walton Blvd.


  • Marla Gottula

    I do not believe it will be too fast or convenient as far as getting in & out of that particular location. The gas station that was across the road at least had a back access from a side road that could take you in any direction you would want to go avoiding the main traffic light. We shall see.

  • Jenn.

    This is why I dis-like Wal_mart so much, Wal-mart has to copy everyone else. Wal-mart needs to stick what they know like Sam’s and the Supercenters, David Glass ran the company in the ground and it looks like the CEO now is walking in his footsteps. Hope thisCEO is not useing the company plane, money to see him baseball team like glass did.

  • David Yates

    Unlike the above post, I am thrilled with this
    “Test”! This is just what Mr. Sam always did; shake things up a bit, try something different and learn from it. There are many customers that having this type of store on the route home would be a great benefit! Way to go Walmart! And this would have been started under Mike ‘s guidance not Doug’s. Wal-Mart did the same tests Jenn under David Glass’ tenure, that is where those Supercenters and SAMs Clubs you refer to came from!

  • bob

    Convenience stores! What’s next wal-mart to put out of business? Maybe they could go after hotel-motels, automobile dealerships, and maybe funeral homes.

    • David

      blah blah blah. Don’t shop there if you don’t like it. You don’t have to come on here and bash them.

  • Lonnie Lamp

    Marla and Jenn, If you don’t like it then don’t shop there. That is the beauty of free enterprise. I will be shopping there because it will be convenient for me on my way home.

    • marla

      Lonnie, first off I NEVER complained about it so why be so hateful? That’s just disrespectful. I simply stated that it was a difficult area to navigate and I am curious to see how it will work out as far as getting “in & out” is concerned. If its such a “free enterprise” world why go attacking other people for their opinions instead of just voicing your own? Doesn’t make sense to me. Hope you don’t treat people that way face to face. I sure don’t remember you being that way in school.

      • Robert Douglas

        Talk about hate, all Lonnie said was “If you don’t like it then don’t shop there” and you went off on him. I’ve been thinking for a long time convenience stores would be a great market for them to get into.

  • Christie Barker

    Sam Walton never tried to run the small business man out of business. They are just money hungry jerks. Sam is probably rolling over in his grave knowing that Walmart has became a liquor store, bank, fast food restaurant, hair dresser, ect…

  • BOB

    The Problem with alot of the above posts is that, Walmart has an Identity struggle right now that they are going through, No One person is responsible for the poor performance of Wal-Mart as people would like to believe but it is because of the greed of the shareholders not having the hay-day they had when Sam was there, Retail is tough and Wal-Mart has lost alot of the old Dogs and that has cost them alot , The time of the Merchants is gone it is the time of the young College kids thining that they no better than the old dogs has not proven out in the last couple of years you can’t replace experience at any level……

  • Ryan

    I’m afraid Wal-Mart will meet their demise. Running stores on Skelton crews, and those working are having hours cut.
    There was an article in the paper recently that said Wal-Mart had the worst customer service due to low visibility of associates. It isn’t that they are not visible, it’s that there is only one or two people working on the General Merchadise side of the store.
    My girlfriend works there. She says at around 2:30 until 4:00 (pm) associates are pulled to straighten grocery. During the busiest hours you have the grocery aisle congested with customers AND associates, and nearly no one to mix paint, sell a fishing license, help find a belt for a vacuum cleaner etc.
    this sounds like the big cats trying to make their bonuses on the backs of hourly’s
    All they need is to open more stores when they can’t even keep the profits up in the ones they already have.

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