28 Felons “Out On The Street” In Crawford County While Awaiting Prison

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Almost 30 defendants awaiting a transfer to state prison have been released from the Crawford County Jail and are now “out on the street,” said county prosecutor Marc McCune.

McCune said 28 defendants were released from jail after being sentenced to prison time, while they await transfer to prison. About “98 percent” of those defendants have been convicted of felonies.

"It's frustrating," said McCune.

The prosecutor went on to list 75 suspects who are currently being held at the jail. He said any suspects arrested on misdemeanors are being booked and released on signature bonds.

"They will arrest somebody and they're not even done with the paperwork, and the persons already released because of overcrowding," McCune told 5NEWS.

McCune said the defendants were released because of overcrowding at the jail. Voters in Crawford County are set to decide whether to approve a three-quarter cent sales tax increase to fund a new jail, after the jail was sanctioned by the state because of overcrowding issues.

The new $20 million jail is set to be built just outside Van Buren city limits on Highway 64, as long as county residents approve of building the new jail in a scheduled public vote, said Crawford County Judge John Hall.

Voters three times before have rejected a tax increase to pay for a new jail.


  • bobreal

    CCSO needs to do those Prisoners like that Sheriff in Benton Co. Arkansas did several years ago.. He LOADED ALL the STATE PRISONERS He was holding till the State had room for them into a Van took them down the a State Prison and handcuffed them to Their front gate. Then said, “THERE STATE PRISONERS THEIR YOUR PROBLEM”!!

  • Joe

    I sure don’t remember the Prosecutor mentioning anything about all the loose felons last month when he was asking voters to re-elect him. Now that he’s back in office for a few more years all of the sudden we got fellons funning amuck!! PLOY for Jail TAX??

      • Bill

        Think Arizona. Throw up some tents in the court yard and house them there. They are felons and should not be on the streets. Do you really think they are just going to come back when it’s time to go to prison. Would you? They gave up thier rights when they were convicted until such a time as they serve thier time. Someone said something about repulicans being at fault. The libtards are the cause of all this swinging door jails because “It’s to crowded.” So what. It is called jail not resort. It’s part of the learning process, if we started making jails more LESS desirable to be in it might be more of a deterant. Right now its three squares, heat, air, tv, and very little work. Need to go back to chain gangs and farm working.

  • Mark

    I say build a tent city. Military tents and razor wire is all you need. Rent some toilets, make some bologna sandwiches and problem solved. And put there butts to work and pay for it…

    • atc8824

      I do not understand why they didn’t move VBPD into Sheriffs office and just build a new jail instead of trying to build two $20 million dollar facilities.

  • happy happy happy

    This is unacceptable. Simple blackmail to get the tax passed. CNN needs to know about this.

  • happy happy happy

    If we have this many murderers, arsonists, and burglars who have been convicted in Crawford County then the sheriff’s department is doing a really Pi$$ poor job of defending us. Really McCune? Really?

  • whatever at whatever

    They are probably felons with drug related charges. Not that it makes it okay, but seriously this is what happens when you charge people over stupid shit. And ignore the folks with serious crimes who roam free everyday, simply because they can afford decent representation.

      • Kevin

        CQ since you want this new jail so bad how much money have you donated towards it? Oh wait you’re still waiting for your welfare check, free health care, and free birth control. Silly Liberal Hippies!

      • Kevin

        CQ why does it scare liberal hippies so bad when people are willing to take care of themselves. Also I’d like to know why liberal hippies are willing to spend other peoples money so easily?

  • taxpayer

    That you Marc and Sheriff Brown for the job you doing for trying to keep these criminals off the streets.

  • taxpayer

    Taxpayers: think of the safety of the guards at the Crawford County jail when you go to vote. I have toured the jail personally, If I vote for the tax it is not for the comfort of the prisoners, it is for the safety of the guards that has to deal with the prisoners.

  • LibertyMakesSense

    How about releasing all the non-violent drug offenders. You know, the ones who don’t have the liberty to consume things into their OWN body.

  • atc8824

    How about we start executing child rapists and murderers oh wait Democrats want to keep them alive for some reason oh wait thats so they can drain Republicans of everything they have WORKED for all their life.

  • Senior BesaMiCuloGordo

    Stop putting so many in prison for stupid stuff and we wouldn’t have this problem. This is the natural and probable consequence of measuring success by how many you put in prison and how long the sentences are, and having judges who will do things like send people to the pen for a term of years for being a few bucks behind on fine payments. There is no penalty for locking too many up in prison. Little Rock pays for that. It doesn’t come out of the county budget. Crawford County is notorious for being tough on crime to the point of just being idiotic. It’s actually a good thing to have a jail with not so many beds because it forces the system to prioritize and make the best possible use of limited jail resources when it comes to misdemeanor sentences, but they still don’t really when it comes to felony sentences because they think prison resources are unlimited, even though the state cannot afford to continue to build new prisons at the rate we’ve done for decades now and the lack of prison bed space is causing this same waiting list backlog problem in many counties throughout the state.

  • get real

    Most of these drug felons are not the casual pot smokers. They are the crack head, pill popping people that are stealing from family and friends and will be stealing from you next Senior.

  • Kim

    The problem is marc mccune needs to be replaced someone needs to run against him. I had a son get into some trouble and was sent to rcf for non violent offenders they told me they had more people there from crawford county than any other county in ar. They are putting non violent offenders in prison and letting violent offenders out to make room for them. A lot of the PTRS (petition to revoke) they are arrested for are over fines or resatution. So they put them in prison and we the tax payers have to support them while they are in there. in dealing with the justice system for my son who did mess and make a mistake I learned a lot of things I was told by public defenders that they get everything from kicking the dog of murder and if you want a fair shot in crawford county you better get a lawyer and was told by another public defender that Mccune does not beleive in rehabilitation unless it is in the juvenile courts. I have also noticed a lot of unfair practices since dealing with them. Two people can have the same charge and one get a much higher bail than the other and a different punishment. I pray that next term we get a new pros. atty. I will do my best to make sure that happens I am going to start looking into his record as a pros. atty. My son deserved going to rcf. He did not pay the fines on time so now he is being sent to prison for 6 years he will have to be with violent offenders and will cost the taxpayers a lot of money over 400.00 Something needs to change

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