CEO Of Sparks Health System And Summit Medical Center Resigns

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Charles Stewart has resigned from his position as CEO of the Sparks Health System and the Summit Medical Center this week, according to Donna Bragg, Market Director of Marketing and Communications with the Sparks Health System.

The process of identifying a new CEO will start immediately, and it will include input from the Board of Trustees and medical staff leadership, Bragg said.

The company will seek out an experienced and motivated hospital leader for the next CEO in order to help the Sparks Regional Medical Center and the Summit Medical Center continue to serve the community with their health services.


  • Anonymous

    I wonder why? Is it because of their shady business practices? From what I hear, they like to charge things to people’s accounts that they didn’t really have done. Then, when the person refuses to pay them, they drag them to court. THEN, they don’t tell them that they are charging them a 15% interest fee for each MONTH that the bill is not paid in full. I know someone who was charged for an outpatient procedure that she supposedly had when she was 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. I know for a FACT she didn’t have it. They charged her $20,000 for it. Then, when she tried to fight it they drug her to court and she was forced to pay for something she never had done. After paying on it for 4 1/2 or 5 years the amount she owed went down drastically. About a month ago she called to make her monthly payment and they told her that she now owed over $23,000 when her initial balance was only $20,000. They never send her an itemized statement. When she asks for one, they tell her that they don’t do that, OR that they’ll send one and she never receives it. I think the whole company is more corrupt than Washington. And that is saying a LOT!

  • CF

    Why the caps on “8 MONTHS PREGNANT” What’s that got to DO with paying a bill?? They are not asking her to do construction work.

    • Anonymous

      Because they normally won’t operate on someone that close to delivery due to the fact they could cause the mother to go into premature labor or possibly kill the baby.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention, she never had the procedure to begin with. She had one surgery during her pregnancy and that was at 4 months and the ONLY reason they did it was because her appendix was about to rupture which could have killed her and the baby. That was an inpatient procedure and she has been paying that bill religiously ever since (if she hasn’t already paid it off).

  • Lucy

    Because there are some procedures you can’t have while pregnant. You can’t take anesthesia for example. So if she was pregnant while she supposedly had the procedure do you think she might be right in not paying the bill? Do you pay for stuff you don’t get? People like Sparks and Summit count on it. And just try getting money they owe you back, because they make you pay up front before the insurance clears and overcharge. Sheesh.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! If she had had the procedure done, she would not have any issue paying the bill. I agree that is you don’t have something done and are charged for it, you should fight it. She plans to hire a new lawyer and try to fight it. We’ll see how it goes, though. I remember back when hospitals were actually there to HELP people not rip them off.

    • anonymous

      I am an attorney and i can attest that most people who are upset with a company over money is because they dont want to pay. Period

  • bobreal

    Is Summit Medical Center still NONPROFIT like Sparks Rgional Hospital was?? Meaning; NONPROFIT THEY CAN’T REFUSE MEDICAL SERVICE TO ANYONE IF THEY HAVE NO WAY TO PAY.. And if ALL You can Pay is $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR) A MONTH THEY CAN NOT REFUSE IT; if they do IT IS PAID..

  • anonymous

    glad to see I’m not the only one they charge for procedures not done, I think I would remember if I was put out for a procedure like a TEE, I was admitted for 1-1/2 days and my bill is well over 20,000. I know for for a fact they documented meds that I never took, a nurse told me that when I a comment about my CBG being elevated. I wish I could do something legally about this. They can not keep doing this to people

    • Lucy

      The Arkansas Attorney General’s office might be of help. When Summit messed around about refunding my overpayment, they said if they took too long they would go after them for me.

  • Richard

    There should be more transparency in the billing process. Too many too high charges that are unnecessary. Executives paid too high and given too many free perks and bonuses that should be used for operating costs.

  • Anonymous

    I have been charged to procedures I never had and for meds I never took even after it was documented and I had proof of the documentation that I am very allergic to those drugs. Also had an RN tell me to call me family together (from all over the country) because my mother was dying. Her Dr.
    discharged her because she was improving. Reported the RN but nothing was done.

  • Mike

    Sparks is not the only one who does things like this. I recently took my wife to the St. Edwards Mercy Clinic at North Logan Memorial in Paris which is a clinic and not the emergency room and asked what the cost would be since my wife was only having heartburn and nothing serious. The girl told me 126.00 which I agreed to pay up front. My wife saw the doctor who told her to go to Walmart and get Mylanta or something similar and we left. No blood tests, x-rays, or anything else done. A week later I get a bill from them for 101.00…….I call and ask why and they tell me the 126.00 is for the hospital and the doctor is separate and was what I was billed for. So the five minute visit to see the doctor to be told to go to Walmart and get heartburn medicine cost 227.00 at a community clinic when I asked in the beginning what the charges were and was told 126.00 which was paid but if we had been told about the extra 101.00 , we could have waited until the next morning and went to Cooper Clinic next door and be charged only 85.00.

  • Larry Stogner

    I became quit I’ll last year. Went to Sparks ER. The ER was quit busy that evening but I was evaluated quickly, professional , and thoroughly. The Doctor came in an explained my status and asked me to be admitted for further tests. A room was not available but they placed me in a quiet area to rest until a room became available. The next day, the tests were scheduled in such a way that there was nearly no waiting. I wS diagnosed and discharged that evening. Doctors, nurses, and technicians… In fact everyone I came in contact with we’re caring and professional. I have nothing but praise for Sparks. Although I hope to stay out of the hospital, I have a great deal of comfort knowing Sparks is 20 minutes from my front door.

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