Highway Department Makes Changes To Lanes

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Commuters on Interstate 540 in the River Valley will see big changes in it's construction zones.

Now, all traffic is in the southbound lanes, but at 8:00 p.m on Wednesday (March 12) the Arkansas Highway Department said crews would move northbound traffic back over to a northbound lane.

Southbound traffic will remain in the outside lane, where it has been.

The change would affect drivers on the interstate between Rogers Avenue and the I-40 interchange in Van Buren.

People in the area said the construction has had  a negative effect on their day to day commute.

"So annoying, too much traffic, takes too long to get to work. It takes... my job is like about five minutes away easy traffic. When there's too much traffic it takes like about 20 minutes to get to my job," said one driver.

Some drivers felt the new change would cause problems while other did not think so.

One thing people in the area had in common, their feelings about when the construction would be complete, "ecstatic, can finally be able to get around and move, but the only good side about it is you find out a lot of back streets to get where you need to go," said one resident.

The Highway Department said drivers are advised to consider alternate routes to reduce the amount of traffic on the interstate.

According to the Highway Department  the construction is expected to be complete mid-2014.