Animal Shelter Offers Reward After Dog Left Bloody On Road Dies

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The Bella Vista Animal Shelter is offering a reward for information related to a dog that was found bloody with a chain around its neck on a Benton County highway. The dog had to be put down because of its injuries a few days later.

The reward has been set at $2,000 for  any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the injury and death of the little black Bella Vista dog.

"He never offered to bite me," said Donna Miles, manager of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter. "When we went to the vet, he went in between the car seats and just laid his head down on me."

Police are also investigating the incident, although Bella Vista Police Chief Ken Farmer said tracking the owner will be difficult unless someone comes forward with information to help authorities.

The dog was found covered in blood on the side of Highway 279 last week with a chain around its neck, and it was put to death after medical personnel first tried to save the animal.

“He was in so much pain, we, along with our vets, felt this was the last act of kindness we could give to this sweet boy,” an animal shelter Facebook entry states.

The incident has shaken up the emotions of many local residents.

Dennis Dissing and his wife call Bella Vista home. They own two dogs and said the animals are a part of their family.

Dissing said he hopes whoever did this act will be caught and punished.

"Whoever is responsible ought to be treated in a very similar way," he said.

People with information can call the shelter at 479-855-6020 or Bella Vista animal control officer Amber Bowman at 479-855-3771.


    • CQ

      Journalism is dead. 5News is good on correcting stories.

      KNWA… Not so much! I read some of the stories on their website and it looks like a 5th grader wrote it.

      I follow the BV Animal Shelter on Facebook, and I am so glad the reward money was collected.

      There are some truly disgusting people in this world.

  • john

    I hope they find who ever did this to this poor helpless dog.

    Someone needs beat half to death or drug behind a truck with a chain around his neck.

    This needs to be not forgot and we must have justice for this poie innocent helpless soul that died way too young.

    So devastating.

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