Charges Dropped Against Man Accused Of Repeatedly Raping Girl

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Charges were dropped Thursday against a Springdale man accused of repeatedly raping a young girl after the victim and mother recanted their stories, according to the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The trial against Scotty Ratliff, 28, was scheduled to begin Thursday in Washington County Circuit Court. The young girl in the case and her mother recanted their stories, forcing prosecutors to render the case nolle prosequi, meaning the charges are dropped against the suspect, but new evidence within the next year could open the case back up.

Ratliff pleaded not guilty in January to charges of rape and sexual indecency with a child. He was arrested earlier in the month and released from the Washington County Detention Center on $25,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

A woman called Springdale police in November to report that she caught Ratliff naked with a young girl. She had caught him before in a similar situation previously, but had not mentioned it to police, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in Washington County Circuit Court.

Child safety authorities interviewed the victim, who said Ratliff had raped her and performed sexual acts on her as many as 30 times in the past, police said. A forensic examination of the victim showed a past injury from the alleged rapes, according to the affidavit.

Based on the testimony of the woman and victim, an arrest warrant was issued Dec. 11 for Ratliff. He was later located and arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.


  • ns

    …and this is why more females get raped…they get scared and recant…so did he really do it or are the ladies being bullied into recanting?

  • AJR

    These people are unbelievable. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why they haven’t tried to interview the so-called suspect, witness, or so-called victim? Are they really trying to find out the truth or are they just reporting what sounds good and will capture people’s attention? The truth is I am the mother, and I lied and told my daughter to lie, he is not guilty of anything. There was no forensic tests that proved anything. I was not bullied into saying anything, my daughter wanted to be able to tell the truth. That is what we did.

    • Jeepnjason

      AJR: then you need to be prosecuted if that’s the case. That man will have that stigma for the rest of his life. It won’t matter how many times they print a story and say he didn’t do it. Your a sad excuse as a parent and human being.

    • LF

      Excuse me? Who are you to say that “these people are unbelievable”?!?! Should we, the taxpayers that have to pay for court costs and fees, be saying this about you? Why? What possible motive could you have to not only ruin his life hit to teach your child to do the same? For shame, for shame…and you can’t just leave it there…you have to post a comment as though what you have done makes everything all ok. Lady…you have placed a permanent scar on this mans name and on your child.
      What part of being a role model to your child do you not understand?

    • I am Anon

      In “THE BOOK”, if you falsely accused someone, you got the punishment for their crime. Since in “THE BOOK” this was a capital offence, you deserve to die. A little real justice in this country would change things drastically!

    • phillip needham

      Mother and daughter both need to go to jail. They both are liars and they need to put them in jsil f I rocking innocent man up

    • JSB

      I don’t think you lied, I think you told the truth..he must be a boyfriend you are trying to protect and choosing him over your daughter is down right wrong! If you really are the mother, then you are brave to put this out here!

  • john

    I knew a lady that was fixing to divorce her husband. Her and the daughter lied and claimed that the step father touched the daughter. He went to prision and the mother got everything.

    Years later the daughter and mother got into a fight and the daughter cane clean. The mother came clean also and the father was let out of prision due to the time being up.

    They tried to get it off his record, but because he took a plea agreement, vs facing 20 years, he took the 24 months, they can never clean his record.

  • unknown

    The put the innocent in jail and they let the guilty sobs run free. hmmm something is wrong with this pic.

  • Karen Robbins

    OOOOOK-like I really believe that the idiot posting previously is really the mother……do u believe everything you read on the computer? yeah this pervert goes free and those sicko people who have possession of marijuana go to prison!

  • concerned citizen

    looks like the thought police deleted another of my posts. Therefore, I can only believe that the First Amendment holds no weight here. Go ahead, blog facists, delete this one too.

  • Sean

    Anytime a story changes this drastically a further investigation is not only warranted but badly needed.

    Were they intimidated, or did they lie? This one is not over, so get to work Washington county.

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