One Hospitalized, One Arrested In Machete Attack At Homeless Camp

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One man was hospitalized and another was arrested in a machete attack at a Fort Smith homeless camp, officials said.

The wounded man, Timothy Riley, 36, was located by police and ambulance personnel at a bus station on Wednesday (March 12) with a laceration on his right arm, said Sgt. Daniel Grubbs, Fort Smith police spokesman, in a news release.

John Howard III, identified as homeless, was booked into the Sebastian County Detention Center.

Riley, who also is listed as homeless, appeared to be intoxicated and was unwilling at first to cooperate with the investigating officers, the news release states.

Ultimately, Riley reported he had been stabbed by a man near the “south homeless camp,” according to the release.

He was taken to the hospital by EMS, and he remains hospitalized for the treatment of his injury, the release states.

Officers traveled to the homeless camp and located a female witness, identified as Mary Hall, as well as the suspect, John Howard III, according to the release.

Hall reported that she and Riley were drinking alcohol and started to argue. During the argument, Riley attacked Hall and left the camp, the release states.

Howard then followed Riley, carrying a machete. Howard returned to the camp 20 minutes later, according to the release.

Howard voluntarily accompanied detectives to the police department for an interview. At the conclusion of the interview, he was arrested on suspicion of 2nd-degree battery, according to the release.

A machete that is believed to have been used in the crime was seized from the homeless camp and placed into evidence.

Listen to the 911 calls below:

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