Murder Suspect: “I Just Killed My Daddy”

A 50-year-old man identified as Eddie Hice shot and killed his 76-year-old father, identified as Herschel Hice, in Crawford County on Thursday afternoon, according to Sheriff Ron Brown of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting took place Thursday on the 700 block of Pleasant Valley Road between Van Buren and Alma, Brown said.

Brown said Eddie Hice called 911 at around 1:40 p.m. saying he shot his father.

“I just killed my daddy,” said Eddie Hice to a 911 dispatcher.

Brown said the shooting came after after an argument between the father and son.

As the 911 call continued Eddie Hice carried on a conversation with the dispatcher.

“I want to shoot myself,” said Eddie Hice.

“No let`s not do that, just stay outside and wait for my deputies OK,” said the dispatcher.

Alcohol is believed to have played some role in the situation on the son’s side. Brown said the family had a history of arguing, and the son has a criminal record of being publicly intoxicated.

“Eddie listen to to me,” said the dispatcher. “Go out the front door with your hands up. Are you going to the front door?”

“I`m going to the front door with my hands up,” said Eddie Hice.

Authorities believe Eddie Hice fired a shotgun once and hit his father in the upper torso, the sheriff said.

“It`s a shock, knowing it`s so close,” said neighbor Debra David.

Hice was booked into the Crawford County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder and possession of firearms by certain persons. He has a bond of $500,000.

Hice’s next court date is March 26.


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